1959 London Closed Class
Tape 274, Side 1
By Joel Goldsmith

Part 4 of 4

        Now, we may have a realization about one facet of truth, and we may bring forth mighty works through that; but never believe when you have had a realization of truth – even illumination – that you have gone the full distance; you have only started on the path.  Afterward there comes realizations of other truths or facets of truth, more realizations, deeper realizations; and actually this goes on forever and so far as I know it never ends.  This must be so because of the very infinite nature of God.  God must then forever be imparting Itself to us – infinitely imparting Itself to us – and I wonder if we ever do attain that place where we know it all. Personally I doubt it, but I’m willing to be taught.

        The beginning of wisdom is when you know that all that you are seeking is already established within you; and that you are seeking only to bring it forth from within your own being.  This will always prevent idolatry.  It will prevent you from false gods, false Christs; it will prevent you from worshiping something or someone outside your own being; it will likewise prevent your fearing.  As long as you realize that the kingdom of God is within you, you need fear no man; you need have no fear what mortal man can do to you, what mortal circumstance can do to you, what mortal condition can do to you.  Fear must lessen and eventually fade away as you realize the nature of the I that I am within you.  As you realize God’s presence within you, you never can fear anything external to you; nor can you worship anything or anybody external to you, for the kingdom of God is within you.  All that the Father hath is embodied in that Iwithin you.

        In these one minute, one-and-a-half minute periods of meditation, which you are to experience as many times a day as you can consciously bring yourself to remember it, always remember that your first thought must be:  “The kingdom of God is within me, and all that God is I am; all that God has is mine, for I and the Father are one.”  And if you have no time for anything else, you will be alright.  You will have made a contact; and you will have prepared the way for the imprisoned Splendor, the infinite imprisoned Splendor to escape.

        We always begin with what we have.  Never acknowledge that you don’t know enough truth; never acknowledge that you haven’t enough of truth or anything else. One statement of truth is enough to complete your entire life’s demonstration. Why?  If you make use of the one truth that you have, it will multiply itself.  This is the secret of supply in any direction, whether it is the supply of truth, or the supply of money, or the supply of homes, or transportation.  You start with what you have, and you make use of what you have.

        The Master of the Old Testament says to the poor widow, “What have you in the house?”  And so she starts to pour just these few drops of oil, and the cruse never runs dry.  The Master in the New Testament says, when he has multitudes to feed, “What have we?”

        “We have a few loaves and fishes.”

        “Begin, begin; start pouring them.”  Break, share, give, just what you have.  Don’t hope that you have ten times as much; don’t wish; be satisfied; start with what you have, and begin to pour.  And if you only can remember one statement of truth, take that one statement of truth into your consciousness, and live with it, ponder it, meditate upon it.  Keep it within you, and soon you will find – even if you never discover how it happened – that that one statement of truth has a companion; another statement has come into your awareness.  When that happens you need never again fear; you have proven the multiplication of what you have.


End Part 4