“God-life and my life are one, inseparable, indivisible,and incorporeal. Not at the mercy of ‘man, whose breath is in his nostrils,’ not at the mercy of ‘princes’,’ but a divine life lived under God. ‘I and my Father are one’, incorporeal and indivisible. [Joel S. Goldsmith, psalm 146:3, John 10:30.]

In this class you are being confronted with the idea of algorithm, originally a way of solving a problem mathematically. Nowadays widely used to make ‘complicated’ problems automatically solved with a certain accuracy. Like a recommendation for your favorite clip on YouTube. In this class there is the example of research of using algorithms to see if a prisoner can go on bail, if there is a risk of recidivism. The question Wim poses is: can a limited human frame of reference lead to solutions? The answer is obvious.

What are necessary principles of spiritual healing? Some days ago the talk of Joel was posted on this website. We bring this back into this class. Is spiritual healing accepted in the world today, in your life right here and now? What are the principles of spiritual healing? If there is One Law, the law of God, does that mean that there is no other law, law of heredity, medical law, law of time, etc.? You will be invited to come to experience other dimensions. Possibilities to discover new insights, have revelations come to you.

Watch the video below and for the references of the used materials see right beneath the video. Feel free to share your experiences in the comment below or contact us to dive deeper into this new experience of yourself.

“Can an algorithm deliver justice?”, summary of the book HELLO WORLD, by Hanna Fry, an article of sciencefocus.com.

The Necessary Principles of Spiritual Healing, Holland Class 8803, Joel S. Goldsmith, 1956