The first class of the series “Other Dimensions of Experience”. Your experience of your self is all that you have. This is taking place in you, not outside of you. Are there more possibilities to experience your Self, in a deeper way, in a different way? Can this all being completely natural and comforted in stillness, so deep? Wim is inviting and directing you to places in you, where this is possible and natural. Welcome to the mystery of your experience.

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References of used materials in the class see below.

The declaration that is used is an arranged prayer by Joel S. Goldsmith, from the book “The Government of Eden“. You can read it here. (with permission by the publisher Acropolis Books)


The Scientific report came from The Michigan State University you can read it here.

Michigan State University and Stanford University scientists have invented a nano particle that eats away — from the inside out — portions of plaques that cause heart attacks. Summary

From A Course in Miracles is read from the lesson 188, The Peace of God is Shining in me Now. You can read it here:

Lesson 188 “The Peace of God is shining in me now

The idea of this class started with a part of the Way of Transformation, Lesson one. You can read it here:

Lesson One the Way of Transformation