The Government is on His Shoulders, by Joel S. Goldsmith Download here

“Is there an answer that will change the fearful conditions that we face into a solution that can bring harmony to everyone concerned? Not just another peace that is going to bring peace to one quarter of the world while three quarters suffers; but is there a solution that can save the world from what it is facing and give it a foundation on which a permanently harmonious society can be built? Is there such a principle? Is there such a way? The answer, of course, has to be found within every individual, because there is no answer that can be given that would be a universal answer.” Joel S. Goldsmith

How are you looking at the world you see? How do we want to be present? What are the options? How do you nullify material sense? What has world work to do with healing? What is my personal responsibility? These and more questions are going to be answered int his class. Watch it here:

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The class for next week is connected to the week 3 free gift of Acropolis Books: Living by Grace: Chapter 4, “Meditation: The Key to the Ministry Within” Download it here