Man shall not live by anything that has form, outline. Man shall not live by anything that exists as effect. Man lives by every word that proceeds out of the consciousness, out of the mouth of God.

And there we have an important point that it doesn’t mean that we shall live by Bible statements or metaphysical statements for they are form, and they are effect; they are creatures, not creators. It means literally that we shall live by every word we receive within ourselves, within our consciousness; every word that can come out of the Infinite Invisible into our conscious awareness. Of course you see, that immediately takes us back to receptivity, to meditation, to listening for the still small voice, to becoming consciously aware of the presence of God.

Now, it would be an utter impossibility to receive the word of God, and find something lacking in our experience, for the word of God is the substance of all form, and therefore takes form or takes the form of whatever it is that is necessary for our experience at any given moment. It would make no difference if our need was for another book of truth or another teaching of truth or another teacher of truth or whether our need were for dollar bills, as long as our thought was not on the need, but on attaining that inner impartation of the Word, the fulfillment would take place in any form, and in every form.

Only this morning, in answering mail, I came to a letter from one of our students who had intended to be at the Seattle Class, but owing to a business trip of her husband’s, she had to go with him. And she thought that neither time nor space can rob me of that class. Neither time nor space can keep from me that which is necessary to my experience at this moment. And that was her daily prayer until one day, she writes that: “It seemed to her that I was inside of her mind talking to her. And I said to her: ‘That as long as you are trying to account for evil, you’re giving a name to error; you are missing truth, for the only name that can be given is God.’” And of course you will remember that on Wednesday night of that class we had that tremendous unfoldment that you cannot name it good and you cannot name it evil, for the only name that shall be given is God. So completely did she receive the essence of that complete class in that one unfoldment; not by looking to man for it, not by looking to a teacher for it, but by knowing that the word of God was going to be expressed in that class and that neither time nor space could act to keep it from her.

Now our study primarily is to enable us to achieve a state of consciousness, in which or through which we can receive that word. And so it is, that so much attention is given to the subject of meditation, not meditation in the standpoint of sitting for hours waiting for the mind to go numb, but waiting minutes, just with a sense of, Speak Lord, Thy servant heareth.

But you see this state of consciousness is developed, not by minutes or by hours but by seconds. Only those who practice to the extent that they wouldn’t think of crossing a door sill … going in or going out, without waiting for that one second … just to prepare thought for the inflow. Only those who would never eat or drink without that momentary pause for the word before even the food is taken in. Only to those who would never undertake even marketing, buying, selling, moving, traveling, without that pause … it’s truly the pause that refreshes, only instead of Coca Cola its a word, another word that comes into consciousness and refreshes. It gives us a whole fresh inner life, inner vigor, a renewed activity of soul and of mind and of body.

Never undertake anything, not even your days housework or your days business, without that pause that gives God the opportunity to come into expression.

I have here a notation, “When writing or speaking to a patient, speak only from the spirit, your vocal words are worthless, unless spoken in and from the Spirit.” In other words, anything that you would say to a patient or student, would constitute the cold letter of truth which killeth. It is worse than indulging clichés, to say “Oh you know you’re spiritual, or you know that illness isn’t real or, oh you know there isn’t pain oh you know God will take care of it.” All those things are misleading statements and usually prove to be untrue, because they’re spoken from the mind; they’re spoken from memory; they’re not spoken from inspiration, and no one, no one can utter truth, except when in the Spirit. Only when they themselves are in that consciousness that permits the Spirit to come through can you for a single moment believe that what you say is the word of God and is quick and sharp and powerful, and goes right to the root of the matter.

So it is … every activity of our human experience is divine, even in the merchandise mart, if it is permeated by the activity of the Spirit within us. You see there are not rightly speaking, two worlds: a spiritual one and a material one. And there are two worlds in effect at the present time in this world certainly. There is a spiritual universe and there is the material world which rapidly is disintegrating by destroying itself. But rightly understood, every human experience is a divine one if it is imbued with the Spirit, if the word of God has come into consciousness to perform it.

He performeth that which is given me to do, He perfecteth that—which concerneth me. Is that true? Heavens, in the experience of the world it isn’t. You know right well it isn’t God that’s going up and down this world doing these horrible things. It is the absence of God doing it. It is only when individuals open themselves and permit themselves to become permeated with that word that they can say; “Everything that I perform, is really God performing it in action. I am but the instrument, the outlet through which God flows.” Now no one has the right to claim that, except in proportion as every move of their day and night is preceded by that momentary pause that permits the inflow of God.