Now if you are able, or anything were able to take from me my degree of unfolded or realized spiritual consciousness, you would also take from me my student body. I couldn’t hold a spiritually minded student body five minutes after I lost spiritual consciousness. I might be able to have a student body, but they’d have to be people looking for material things in a material way, or mental things in a mental way. I might be able, with promotion or hocus-pocus to go out and demonstrate classes or patients or the sale of books, but couldn’t do it spiritually. If I am to attract without advertising, without promotion, without human footsteps, those to me whom you are accustomed in our class work, it can only be done by the attainment of some measure of spiritual consciousness.

Now in the degree of the expansion of that consciousness, I will demonstrate the degree of deeper spiritual realization in the students. I may or may not demonstrate greater numbers. Numbers is really no testimony of spirituality. The Master seemed only able to demonstrate twelve whom he thought advanced enough to be disciples. He only seemed to demonstrate seventy who were advanced enough to be named apostles. At the most, he had two hundred who could go out and do some preaching. And so you see, the Master did not demonstration his spirituality in numbers, but let us say in depth and degree of awareness in those that he attracted to himself.

So it is with his message. He said that his message would never pass away, and it hasn’t. It may not have any followers. It may never have many followers, but the message will never pass away. And as long as there is a Gospel of John, his message will not pass away, even if there isn’t one individual to demonstrate it. In the same way, Lao Tzu could never have written down his teaching in any form that would be perpetuated, so far as is known to man, and yet his message has not passed away. There may not be any, or there may be a few to follow it, but the message itself is there. That represents the degree of spiritual consciousness of the individual who gave the message.

Now follow this carefully. I could only attract to me my own realized state of consciousness, and before that spiritual state of consciousness could appear, I could not have a spiritual student body. After it appears, I cannot be deprived of it. That is why our work knows no such thing as competition. That’s why it has to know no such thing as advertising, for the simple reason that it has nothing to do with the ways of men. It has to do with the ways of God.

Now then, what is the function of the developed, unfolded, revealed, realized, Christ consciousness? To destroy material sense, to destroy material thought, to destroy material deeds, to destroy whatever that state of consciousness is that is responsible for sin, disease, death, lack, limitation, wars, thefts, murders, adulteries, and all the rest of the things that are included in Paul’s statement. See, all of those statements follow a material state of consciousness, and are coincidental with it. Well all of the other things: peace, joy, long-suffering, so forth, are the externalized forms of spiritual consciousness.

Now spiritual consciousness destroys material sense, so that when, through a healer’s consciousness, you are relieved of a pain or a discord, that isn’t what happened at all. The spiritual consciousness of the healer removed some phase of material sense from you, and in removing the material sense, the material manifestation disappeared.

Now let no one believe that there is any human way of removing war from the earth. You know, I don’t care how many Leagues of Nations you have, or United Nations, or multiply them by twelve times twelve, and you’re still going to have war. And you’re still going to have depressions, and you’re still going to have volcanoes, and earthquakes, and tornadoes, and you’re going to have every manifestation of material sense. There is only one way to remove wars from the earth, collective and individual ones. There is only one way to remove sin from your consciousness or mine, or your patients or my patients or students, and that is: as spiritual consciousness touches receptive consciousness, material sense disappears.

Now it is true there are rocky states of consciousness, and barren states of consciousness that do not readily yield to spiritual unfoldment, because their time has not yet come. But our function is to plant the seed, knowing that wherever spiritual receptivity is, there will be spiritual response. All right, what is it that separates every man, woman, and child on earth from the same degree of love, harmony, and peace that we have in this room? Material sense. What makes for the peace in this room? The fact that nobody in this room wants anything of anybody else. If there were … in proportion as there were material sense in this room, that material sense would be looking around to see what it could get from whom.

In proportion as there is only spiritual sense in this room, every individual is saying, and thinking, and believing within themselves, that their good has to unfold from God, not from man whose breath is in his nostril. Then, as we sit here, each one of us, in an inner awareness that our good is an unfolding experience within our consciousness, and not dependent on somebody else in this room, in that degree we are spiritual consciousness, and in that degree there is no material consciousness in this room. And so then, if the spiritual consciousness is sufficient, each one in this room could empty out their pockets, or anything else that the other may require, and still not feel that anything was being taken from them. That is spiritual consciousness.

Now when you have the realization that God constitutes your individual being, you cannot fear bombs, or bullets, or wars. When you achieve one iota of realization that God constitutes your being and your body, you can no longer see a disease. Nor can you entertain evil desires. It’s a fantastic impossibility to desire evil while believing that God constitutes our body. Doesn’t mean we can’t desire human affection. It doesn’t mean that we can’t desire marriage, or companionship, and all the rest of it. But don’t ever call those things evil. Those things are human manifestations of a spiritual activity within us. Those things on the human plane are only evil when their purpose is evil, when their function is evil, when their object or aim is evil. But otherwise, companionships, relationships, all these things that we call human, they’re not evil, they’re good. They’re very good, as long as they’re prompted by the desire to share, not to get, achieve, take from.

Now then, no person can entertain spiritual consciousness, and at the same time entertain evil, because one wipes out the other. Therefore, in this room, it is logical to say that there can’t be a war. As a matter of fact, I don’t see even any good reason why there should ever be a lawsuit. No matter what injustice one should for any reason do another, it shouldn’t result in lawsuit, because the one to whom it’s done, if the one who does it hasn’t enough spiritual insight, the one to whom it’s done should have enough to say, “Well, Father forgive them; they know not what they do. This is no loss to me, since my good is of God, and is therefore infinite.