1956 Barbizon Plaza Private Class for “25”
Joel S. Goldsmith
155A – Three Daily Meditations – Realized Consciousness

Up to now, there have been no secrets in Infinite Way work. Everything we have done has been done publicly. Everything that has been said has been said publicly, until the week before last, when we had three such meetings as we have here today, in which we had the first secrets that The Infinite Way has from the world. And a good deal of what takes place today, I have to ask you to look upon as secret and as sacred. Promise you it won’t be illegal.

But it will be secret and it will be sacred, because just as all teachers must teach milk to the babes, and meat to those ready for it, so there are things that take place that we cannot go out and explain to the public at large, but which in some measure, you can do when the right time comes. Let me, before I start, say this; that I ask that when you come here to this meeting, that you make it two o’clock, and not too long before two, isn’t that I forget at all our Seattle days, when we were going to begin at ten, and finally got around to beginning at eight. And we were going to finish at four, and got around to finishing at midnight.

I haven’t forgotten those days, but I can’t have those days anymore. If you look here and here, you’ll probably find confirmation of the fact that I’m taking care of six thousand letters a month. Emma’s handling over two thousand a month herself. I’m handling six thousand. That’s eight thousand between the two of us, and that doesn’t take in the correspondence in Beverly Hills at the book department, nor does it take in what goes out of London and South Africa. That’s another tremendous, tremendous pile of mail.

The Monthly Letter out of London is over a thousand letters a month, the Monthly Letter, not counting the correspondence. And when I speak of our eight thousand letters a month, I’m not speaking of the thirty-five hundred Monthly Letters that are going out in the United States and Canada. That’s on top of this other. And of course, the manuscript work is increasing, because not only there are more books in work, but the books that we already have in manuscript form are soon going to be prepared for publication in book form. And that’s in addition to new books that are being written, edited, gotten ready for publication; some of them already on the press.

Just imagine that right now, Practicing the Presence is on the press in England. The 1955 Letters are on the press in England in book form, and in December, the 1956 Letters will go on the press in book form, and others that are in work. In addition to that, The Fourth Dimension has just come off the press again, and the book The Letters, has just gone to press again. And The Infinite Way has just come off the press of its sixth printing, and Spiritual Interpretation of Scripture has just come off the press this last month for its seventh printing. God the Substance of All Form goes to press next week for heaven knows how many printings that that has been through.

So you can see that with that work, and class work, and lecture work, that the days are gone when we can have interviews at any hour of the day or night, or that we can have hours and hours and hours of work as we had before. But these are things I can’t say to the public. As far as they are concerned, I’m just going to have to be one of these fellows whose head has been turned by prosperity, and you can’t get to see me anymore. But as far as you are concerned, you understand what is happening in The Infinite Way.

Most of you have watched it even. Some of you saw it when it was only one book, The Infinite Way, just one single, solitary book. And I know that there’s one here, if not more, that knew me before there was even the one book. And you’ve seen all this that’s happened, so I don’t have to make excuses. I merely tell you that the time is so filled day and night, that the best help you can be to me is to accept that fact, and then fit yourself in with me and cooperate with me to the best of the ability.
Now, to get back to this work. Nineteen hundred and fifty, I was told to stop work on October first, and to do no public work until January 1951, or possibly March 1951. And February 1951, I received the next word, and was told to have a class March 1951, and we did. But the work that was to be given to me to do, was postponed for another year. Then it was postponed again and again. Finally I was told not to even think about it until I received direct orders. And it was on the twelfth or thirteenth of January this year, when I received those orders to begin at once.

And I began this new work with Emma and Floyd. Those were the two with whom I started this new work. And then Walter read about it up in the stars, Walter Starcke, and he flew over from New York to Hawaii and joined us. And then a couple of local students came in; one of them some of you know, our Daisy Shigemura. And so this new work was begun there. And it was quickly revealed that it was to be continued around the world. Now I didn’t expect to go around the world. I expected to come here and then go back home, but it didn’t work out that way. And so this work that was begun in Honolulu has been continued here, and is going to be continued in England and Sweden, Holland, and then down into South Africa, Australia, and New Zealand.

This new work consists of three parts. And it follows what we might call a revelation or an unfoldment. The experience we had this morning in class should be a fitting preparation for you to accept what I am going to say. The world is suffering from only one disease. Not many diseases, just one, and that one you may call material sense. If material sense is broken, we are all spiritual beings, back into the Garden of Eden. We haven’t a fault; we haven’t a lack or a limitation. Every fault that we have, every lack, every limitation, and every sin, every false appetite, every disease, is a product of material sense.

Without some measure of material sense, you couldn’t have any physical, mental, moral, or financial discord. Which, of course, is pointing the finger at every one of us and saying, “Yes, I’m guilty.” To some extent, every individual on the face of the globe has some measure of material sense, and that material sense externalizes itself in material conditions; sometimes good material conditions, sometimes evil ones, but always material ones.

Now the opposite of this is true. The degree of spiritual consciousness always externalizes itself in spiritual demonstration. And here in New York you’re witnessing an evidence of it. At some moment of my unfoldment, a certain touch of spiritual consciousness reached me, touched me, unfolded within me. And from that moment on, I began externalizing people who wanted spiritual awareness. In other words, I began externalizing spiritual friends, spiritually minded people, instead of sick patients, or instead of human friends or human relatives. I began externalizing what we would call a student body, a student body of people all intent on spiritual unfoldment.