If you seem to lack wisdom, turn within. Remember that the nature of God is infinite intelligence, and infinite intelligence is in the kingdom of God, within you. If you need wisdom, pray that the wisdom already locked up within your being, flow out. That the wisdom already locked up within you as a grace of God, as the gift of God, be made manifest to you, in proportion to your need of it. Seek wisdom but seek it within yourself. Pray for it.

If, if your need at this moment is guidance, turn within. Don’t seek guidance of man whose breath is in his nostril. Turn to the one place where infinite intelligent, loving guidance awaits you—the kingdom of God. Never doubt that the kingdom of God is made up of a divine guidance, and that it’s established within your own being.

Freedom … it makes no difference whether it’s a government that would shackle, whether it’s a church that would shackle, whether it is sick bodies that would shackle, disease that would shackle, sin that would shackle, fear that would shackle—turn within and you will find that freedom is a quality of God. Every quality of God is already locked up within you. And do not ask or seek your freedom in the external; seek your freedom from within. If you achieve the demonstration of freedom; from within, you’ll experience it in the without.

Be sure that when you invite freedom to come forth that you instantly give freedom to anyone you are holding in bondage. Even if you’re holding them in the bondage to the belief that they’re a human being, give them their freedom, say “Father forgive me, I did not know what I was doing. Nobody is a human being, God sits in the midst of every individual, past, present and future … (the) so-called living, or so-called dead, and so-called unborn.” Give everyone their freedom, and you will have freedom, for you have only that which you give.

You can’t have love unless you first give love. You can’t have freedom unless you first give freedom. You can’t have wisdom unless you first give wisdom. You only have what you give. What you hold on to, you lose. That’s a spiritual law… love, wisdom, freedom.

Supply … you can never get supply. It really makes no difference spiritually or any other way. You cannot get supply. Supply is embodied in the midst of you. Supply is an activity of God. Supply is the gift of God. Supply is that which God embodies, embraces, and God is in the midst of you. Son, thou art ever with Me, all that I have is thine, therefore an infinity of supply lies within you. But, the moment you let your vision stray outside, to the husband or wife who may be the channel, or the position that may seem to be the avenue, or the business or the securities, you may be lost. For everyone on earth has found some time or other that every outside avenue collapses.

There’s only one thing on which you can count, and that is on supply. Supply will never leave you nor forsake you. You can never go anyplace where supply is not. You carry your supply with you, just as you carry your integrity, your loyalty, your fidelity. You cannot leave it behind, because it is spiritual, actually, supply is your awareness of God in the midst of you.

Prove it. Begin at once to give it, share it, express it. It makes no difference whether you think of supply in the terms of supply of love or supply of home, supply of companionship, supply of opportunity, supply of money, supply of recognition, supply of reward, supply of compensation. No matter what form you’re thinking of; it is within you, and it must flow out from you. And you have to live it; you have to start if necessary with a penny, and give it away to some impersonal purpose.

If necessary, you have to give forgiveness. You have to sit down and search your thought, and see what there is on the face of the globe that you’re holding in condemnation, criticism or judgment, and forgive, forgive, forgive. Whatever it is, must flow out from you.

God is infinite being, but God is the infinity of your individual being demonstrated. Prove it. Begin in whatever way is open to you at this second, to let God’s grace flow out from you. Don’t pray that God’s grace come to you, open out a way and let God’s grace flow from you.


There is a presence within you that goes before you to make the crooked places straight. Your realization of it releases it. There is a cement within you that cements your relationship with anybody and everybody on the face of the globe; your realization of that, releases it. This world is governed from within. Please hear me. This world, this outer world, is governed from within.

No flower blossoms on a bush except by virtue of an invisible activity. There is an invisible activity that draws from the earth into the root. There’s another invisible activity that sends that which is drawn in, up into the branches, out into the shoots that finally becomes the blossoms and the fruit.

There is an interior bond between you and God, which makes it possible for God to send you where you will find the truth that you need; where God can send you to the employment that you need, to whatever human relationship you need. The power is within you, and it is an invisible power.

What you behold in this world consists of effects. There isn’t anything that you behold that isn’t the effect of an inner activity. You release this inner activity, which goes out into the world invisibly and then makes fruitage visibly.

If you abide in Me and let My word abide in you … that’s all an invisible procedure. You can’t live in God externally. You can’t live in the word externally and you can’t let the word live in you externally. You must live in the Christ internally, and you must let the Christ word abide in you internally, and you will bear fruit richly externally.

This is an invisible world, the world, the universe is invisible. The effects of the universe become visible. The fruitage of the universe becomes visible The harmonies of the universe become visible. But the Cause, the Law, the Creator, the Activity, the Substance, these are all invisible. They’re parts of an invisible universe, and thank God that invisible universe is locked up within you. You don’t have to go to holy temples. You don’t have to go to holy mountains. You don’t have to go to holy teachers. The kingdom, the invisible kingdom, which is the source of the external universe, is within you.

You release the forces that bless you. In your ignorance, you release the forces that curse you. But the kingdom of God, the heavens, the whole of God’s creation is within you. This is an invisible world.