1957 Second Halekou Closed Class
Joel S. Goldsmith
195B – The Inner Universe 1/4

So, now we know that we have this new principle … new dimension with which to work. We know that we have reel one of this week’s class to instruct ourselves in every principle or major principle; and to be able to have the answer for those who come to us; and we know that we have the June through October Letters, containing the healing principles, healing principles which will cover any phase of the human dream. For our inspiration, and for the development of that inner quiet, we have The Art of Meditation, Living The Infinite Way and Practicing the Presence, and all the rest for whatever good they may serve.
Now, that leaves us with the responsibility of working with these tools, with these instruments to whatever degree we wish, to seek whatever degree of attainment we wish. And so I come to this next point.
Life is so completely individual that for a moment, for this moment at any rate, we can forget that there is anybody else in the world, but ourselves. We can forget any obligation, any duty to anyone else, in this moment. We can even forget our past, whether it’s a good one or a bad one, or an indifferent one.
And, we can agree, even if we can’t fully accomplish it; we can agree to forget the future, in the realization that we are making our future. It is by what we do today that our tomorrow is determined. We know that as we sow so shall we reap. And that if we today are sowing to the spiritual awareness of life, we are going to reap life everlasting: harmony, peace, health, wholeness, completeness. We also know that if we are sowing just to the idea of physical comfort, health, wealth, place, position that we must reap some carnal good and some carnal evil, some material good and some material evil.
So that our main concern at this moment, is with this moment. And it has nothing to do with anyone else. In this moment, there is no one can help our progress but ourselves. We are determining to what extent we’re even listening to this message. We can determine whether we are absorbing it or whether we’re letting it go in one ear and out the other. We can determine how much more serious we will take this message in the next hour than we took it in the last. And by our determination of this moment, we surely know what’s coming up in the days to come.
(A cough is audible in the audience) Now, don’t suppress that cough, let it come; cough all you like. Give it its own way. Don’t ever try to suppress anything; you’re just claiming it has power. Cough your head off, and prove it hasn’t—not even power to disturb us, because our mind is on what we are doing, and what we are doing is living in this moment.
Now, no one can impede your spiritual progress. That’s a big statement. But we have to prove that in this moment. There isn’t anybody at this moment that knows what’s going on in your mind. And if you are devoting yourself to an inner spiritual practice, no one can interfere with that, because no one knows that its going on—you’re praying in secret.
Now you can carry that right out of here into your home. It makes no difference if you have violent objection to this way of life in your home or in your business or in your school; nobody has to know anything about it, because you’re living in an interior world, an interior universe. So far as your spiritual practice is concerned, no one in this world has to know that you even know the meaning of it.
Inside, I and my Father are one. Inside, I can live a secret life. Nobody is so close to me that they know what is going on inside my mind. I can’t even tell whether you are attentively listening and practicing even while I speak, or if you’re out there dreaming. This is a secret life that we are living—the spiritual life. And it doesn’t help us to violate that secrecy by telling others about it; more especially, others who in the normal way have no interest in it.
Now, think of this minute, and think of us being here, and just see what an advantage you have Where two or more are gathered together in My name, there am I in the midst of you. Now just think, you are sitting here in the midst of a hundred people who so value this work; who so highly regard its spiritual nature that they are giving of their time, their effort, their money, in large amounts to be sitting here together where you are.
You have the benefit of such consecrated, inspired companionship that only under just such special conditions can you again equal it. Just think what opportunity there is here in this moment for leaving your family outside, your father, your mother, your sister, your brother—of leaving all, to enter the Christ Spirit.
The Christ Spirit is here. It is right here where you are, where I am, where two or more, where a hundred are gathered in this degree of devotion, consecration, dedication, to the one purpose of knowing God; you must know that the very Christ is in the midst of us.
Now, I’m going to localize it for you. It is not out in the center of the room, so you don’t have to contact it there. It is not up here on this platform, so you do not have to mentally reach out up here. This presence of the Christ is closer to you than breathing; it’s right in the midst of your own being. It is filling your own consciousness. You don’t have to reach out for it. You don’t even have to think. All you have to do is be still, and let it talk to you, from within your own being.
The kingdom of God is within you. More especially is the kingdom of God consciously alive in you; when you sit in the midst of a hundred dedicated, consecrated souls; all of whom are here but for one purpose, the realization of that presence which is already in the midst of them.
Now, here, in this moment, realize this: within you is the entire spiritual universe, the whole of the Godhead bodily is within you. We are not sitting here dividing It between a hundred of us; it is multiplying Itself in the individual experience of each one of us. The Spirit of God is nigh unto you, even within your own being.
You need not worship in a holy mountain, nor in Jerusalem, but within you in spirit and in truth. Now I repeat this to you; within yourself, within your own being, is the kingdom of God, which means the kingdom of love. And, if it is love that seems to be lacking in your experience, do not look outside of your own being for it, for even if you seem to find it, you’ll be disappointed.
But, go within in this very moment, and then remember that when you go home tonight that is an extension of this moment, and next week is an extension of tonight, and next year is an extension of now. So that all you have to do, whether it is this instant or tonight, or next week or next year, is to turn to this great spiritual realm which is within you. And there, divine love has its abode, the whole kingdom of God.
To find love, go within yourself; rest there, acknowledge Its presence, pray that It reveal itself to you; invite it to flow out from you. And then, give action, expression, immediately begin to let that love pour out from you to your friends and to your enemies, to your nation’s friends and to your nation’s enemies, to men of goodwill and men of evil will. Be sure that you open your heart and say, “Love flow out. Flow out to the saints to support them in their activities; flow out to the sinners to cleanse them and purify them; flow out to the tyrants that it soften them; give them mercy and justice.”