This isn’t something for those who are not yet established in a teaching. This is for those who are established in a teaching that reveals, not the power of words, not the power of thoughts, not the power of the absolute, not the power of the negative, but the power of Christ realized.

Unless you’ve got someone who’s that far along the path that they have forsaken all others, don’t, don’t, don’t. I’ve spent too many years in having this pearl revealed to me, to give it lightly to you. I’m giving it to you sacredly. I’m giving it to you secretly, and I’m asking you to respect me, because this is my life work. And I don’t want it disrespected, and I don’t want it misunderstood; I don’t want it trampled; I don’t want it in the possession of anybody who hasn’t enough understanding to know what it is and to respect it and honor it and give themselves to it.

So please, don’t share this lightly with your husband, or your wife, or your child, or anybody else. Only with those that you know have gone as far as you have, in the way of giving up yourself to the message, to God, to God realization, to Christ realization. If they haven’t gone as far as you have, don’t take them into this work. Don’t do it if they haven’t forsaken other teachings; if they haven’t come … . Now remember this, we’re not trying to restrict anybody’s teachings. Heaven’s sakes, don’t forbid anybody to have other teachings or other books. Let them have all they want. That is their right, as it was our right, to seek and to search until they find. But don’t give this work until … except to those who have found, and who have found this way. Let others work out their salvation in their way, but let us work out our salvation with those.

Now I can say this to you, because every one of you has come from distances. Every one of you has shown over the years that you devote your time, your effort, your money liberally, expansively to this. So I know that you must have no other interest, no other spiritual interest than this. And so I give you this: When you find someone that’s done equally what you have done, then share it, but not before, not before. Don’t let anybody ride in your Rolls Royce for nickel fare. Don’t you do it.

You cheapen it. And not cheapen it financially; you cheapen it by not holding it as sacred, and this is a sacred work. Why? Because if we succeed, or in proportion as we succeed, material sense will be broken for this world. And who knows that material sense is the only devil or enemy, except those who have worked long enough on this path to see it? Who knows what effect is produced by breaking material sense; except those who have healed this way? So don’t, please, go out looking for a companion to pray with.

Stay in your sanctuary and pray alone, all alone. Then when you find someone, as I have found you, someone that you’re as sure of as I’m sure of you, then go and do likewise, but not before, cause you’ll spoil it for yourself. You won’t spoil it for us who hold it sacred and secret. That nobody can do. Nobody gave me my demonstration but God, and nobody can take my demonstration away but God. But you can wreck your own. I could wreck my own too, if I would let the call of the world get in—Too late for that now. Do you see that?

Anyone, anywhere, at anytime, may pick up Infinite Way books, may even come to Infinite Way classes, but they also may go at their Goodwill. I hold no one in bondage to me, no one in debt to me, no one under obligation to me. But when I have such a group as I have here, it is because they have demonstrated themselves to me. I haven’t drawn them to me, or pulled them to me, or demanded anything. They have drawn themselves. And so they are held with a tighter bond than any material tie. And you’ll read in The Infinite Way, that it is this spiritual consciousness that breaks material ties, and holds us together with a spiritual bond.

Now don’t talk about this work to anybody else, except those that you know have no material ties, whom you do not hold in bondage or obligation to you, but who have revealed themselves as being one with you in a spiritual tie, in a spiritual bond.

I wonder if you believe this. I expect to see in my time, peace on earth and good will among men. I expect to see in my time the destruction of material sense. I expect to see in my time, world’s problems solved at a conference table, by men who won’t be sitting with a bomb bigger than the bomb across the table from them, by men who will have learned to check their guns at the door. I expect to see that. I expect to see it in our own time. The reason I expect to see it is this. In my travels I have met men of good will. Not all on The Infinite Way path, but I have met men like Henry Thomas Hamblin, and like Brother Mandus, Swami Ram Dass, other men, all of whom have something in mind, the attainment of God realization. All of whom are telling others about God realization.

And wherever I travel, I’m meeting groups of a hundred, two hundred, three hundred, who increase in numbers after I tell them that we can’t guarantee parking places or new automobiles; that the only assurance we can give you if you stick, is God realization. And they increase in numbers the more they’re told that. So I do know from travel and the meeting of people in all of these places, that behind the businessman and housewife exterior, there is a God breaking through. There is a spiritual realization coming through. And while it may have taken two thousand years since the time of the Master for it even to have reached this point of realization, it is like everything else.

It’s a slow beginning. It’s a hard work and a hard study. But then, in the twinkling of an eye, though your sins were scarlet, you’re white as snow. In other words, no matter how deep, how black the past may have been, and how hard the struggle, in some one certain split second of realization, all of humanhood’s wiped out, and Christhood is realized. That’s our goal, the unveiling of the new creature, Christ. Our goal is not stopping wars. Our goal is not emptying hospitals of sick people. Our goal is not making all poor people have abundance. Our goal is the destruction of material sense, so that the new creature, Christ, may be revealed as individual being.

Every bit of our teaching is aimed at that. Every bit of the books is aimed at that. Every bit of the healing work is aimed at that: not at reducing fevers, not at reducing lumps, not getting rid of this, that, or the other thing, but the dissolving or destruction of material sense, and the unveiling to our immediate presence, of the new creature, Christ.

And that’s about it, until two o’clock on Wednesday.