Now we know that no individual can be better than what they are. But by introducing the Christ into their consciousness, they become better than they are. Therefore, consciously know this truth, that when you have received your realization of the Christ, that your realization of the Christ is dissolving material sense for all of this world, so that all may come into the realization of their spiritual inheritance, their spiritual freedom: that peace can be established on earth by removing war from human consciousness, by removing material sense.

Never believe for a minute that there’ll be a stoppage of war while one nation has too much of this, and another nation too little of that. Because they’re going to go out with all the means, human means, at their disposal, to take what they can get out of the world. And those that have too much are going to withhold it from those that have too little, for a price that the ones that have too little can’t pay. So again, there’s got to be another war. But the dissolving of material sense enables a person to say, “Whatever I’ve got I’m willing to share with you, because I can get more from the same source, the inner source, which is God.

The third period is again for the realization of the Christ, and this time, in the realization that the Christ is dissolving material sense universally, that the kingdom of God may appear on earth. You see the first is for your own realization of Christ for no purpose except the realization of the Christ. The second is a realization of the Christ, for the purpose of realizing the dissolving of material sense so that the men and women of the earth can be receptive and responsive to a spiritual message. The third is, the realization if the Christ, so that this realization of the Christ can dissolve material sense, revealing the kingdom of God on earth.

One of these days you’re going to say, “What’s the difference in these three meditations?” And I’m going to answer “None.” But there is a difference until that day arrives, just as there is a difference when a call comes for help. There’s no difference in my realization, but there’s a difference in the answer that comes. For instance there is a lady in our class today, who a week ago was in a hospital in Vienna with a broken hip, and told for how long she would not be able to walk.

She walked in on her own two feet this morning. But Saturday she wrote me that she couldn’t come, because she wasn’t yet able to get out of bed and walk. But my answer after the meditation was, “Come, rise up, and be here.” Now you see, I wouldn’t have sent that same answer to somebody looking for employment. it would have come in a different way. But in that particular case it said, “Come, rise up, and be here.” And she came up to show me that she did “be there,” with the letter in her hand too.

So it is that a realization of the Christ, while it’s always the same, and always producing harmony, it does operate in different ways to meet different claims. It appears outwardly, differently. And so it is that in our first work, let us take it up separately in three different ways. First, purely for the realization of the Christ. Second, that the realization of the Christ dissolves material sense that would separate mankind from spiritual teachings or realizations or religions. Third, that the realization of the Christ destroys material sense, and reveals the kingdom of heaven on earth. And you’ll find that the realization of the Christ does appear in many different forms, many different messages, and each one subject to the circumstance of the moment.

Now, these three periods are our secret periods, and not to be told to anybody else, for the simple reason that those who were here during the first week, and those who are here now constitute that first group of Infinite Way workers, who will be working invisibly, unseen, and yet as a united consciousness around the globe, because even out of those who were here, and those here, the major cities of the United States and Canada will be covered. By the time I’m through in England, and Sweden, and Holland, that territory will be covered. And by the time I’m through in Africa, Australia, and New Zealand, that territory will be covered.

Now we will literally be a spiritual band, a spiritual … a united consciousness, spiritual, around this globe, working. This should not be mentioned openly or outwardly. Why? You at this moment do not know what this will do for the world, or whether it’ll do anything. This is a whole new idea to you, and you haven’t seen one visible proof that it will do anything at all. So what have you got to tell anyone else; something that you don’t know yourself.

Wait for a year, until you have a definite evidence that the revealed Christ within you is producing an effect somewhere else on earth. When you begin to get letters from someone that they heard of you miraculously, here, there, or the other place, or heard about you, or were drawn to you, you’ll know that this realized Christ is reaching the far corners of the globe, drawing unto you your own.

Then, and not until then, can you go out and teach it. You’ve heard me tell you, too often perhaps, (it could be boring by now), that I sat and healed for sixteen years before teaching. Why? Because it was only then that I had the absolute, utter, final conviction that there is no way for this principle to fail. We may fail it. We may find patients and students who can’t achieve it at the moment, but it can’t fail. I know, after those sixteen years, why it is that now ten years have gone by before I have asked this work, but I’ve had opportunity to witness the fruitage.

I’ve seen how my real live Christ in California, opened up the publication of my books in England, Holland, Germany, Switzerland, Sweden, Africa. I’ve seen how my realized Christ has drawn students to me from all over the globe. I’ve seen that. I can tell you now that Christ realized in any individual’s consciousness will draw to them their good from all over the globe. I can tell you that, but I want in this twelve months for you to prove it, that the realized Christ in your experience, will draw unto you your own.

Then you’ll be in a position to carry on the work from there. If … if, when you’re home, and you find some one person who has left other metaphysical teachings, who’s not following Christian Science, or Unity, or New Thought, who’s completely free from other teachings, and working out their entire salvation through the message of The Infinite Way; if you should find one such, who can make an absolute commitment to meet you every day, either in your home or their home, or your office or their office, then you may confide this to that one or that two. But be very sure. Be very sure that it is not someone who is flitting and fluttering around from teaching to teaching, and teacher to teacher, because I can promise you this. The pearl that you give them, you’re going to have taken from you. It’s going to be trampled on. You’re going to lose it.