Now since this is true, that the spiritual consciousness is the destruction of material sense, then our function in life is to develop within ourselves a greater degree of spiritual illumination, so that we may destroy a greater sense of materiality. Then, that which separates the human race from finding a teaching such as The Infinite Way, or any spiritual teaching, is material sense. They cannot look at a spiritual teaching and value it, from the standpoint of material sense. So material sense then is the barrier. It isn’t dollars, and it isn’t distance, because the moment there is spiritual sense, the dollars arrive and the material distance disappears.

Then our object is attainment, realization, a spiritual consciousness. And so the purpose of this meeting is to ask of you, almost you might say, require of you, three daily periods to be given to this work in this manner. The first, not necessarily the first in your day, you may suit the periods to your own unfoldment, but the first that I will explain to you is this. Let us have from you one period in the day in which you sit down for no other purpose than Christ realization. You have no object; you have no purpose; you have no reason. You’re not going to save anyone in the world. You’re no going to do anything for anyone in the world. You are going to do nothing in that period except attain Christ realization.

In other words, by whatever means you are accustomed to in meditation, whether taking a Biblical quotation into consciousness, or a metaphysical statement, or some other truth, and pondering it, thinking about it, cogitating over it until you arrive at a place where all speech and thought ceases, and you become receptive: Speak Lord, thy servant heareth; and await there in the silence until you have received that inner release or inner grace; that deep breath, or the falling of the weight off the shoulders, or a voice itself within; whatever form it may come to you.

Now you’ve done this for no other reason than coming to the realization of that presence, and that period’s finished for you. Now you can get up and do anything you like. Go about your business, or anything else you want. You have established for yourself, for your household, for everyone who touches your consciousness; you have established the Christ. It’s right there where you are, and they know it, and they feel it. I have said to you over and over again, that the only value I have to you is my periods of meditation. Take those away from me, and I have no value whatsoever to you.

If it weren’t for that experience we had in class this morning, the class wouldn’t have been worth your while being there. Therefore it was the all-night meditation, culminating in that experience in the class this morning that is of value to you. Why? Because the very Spirit of God itself walked through that room. It pulled my body, and I’m sure it pulled some of yours. And that is your salvation, when the Spirit of God touches you, you are free. Where the Spirit of the Lord is, there is liberty. Where the Spirit of the Lord is, you know it very quickly.

That’s my only value to you, and some day you’re going to find out, and wish you had known it twenty, thirty years ago, that’s the only value you have to your husband, or your wife, or your child. All the rest of this human relationship they could well get along without, and in some ways they could be better off without your human relationship. But if you can bring into your household just that realization, that touch, that feeling, you have fulfilled yourself in your household and in your community.

Now the second period. As you can see, I am walking up and down this world, on wings, and carrying this message out. And what is the opposition to this message? Material sense. Nothing else. Nothing else. It isn’t person; it isn’t thing; it isn’t men; it isn’t churches; it isn’t religions. They are merely the forms that material sense takes. There is only one opposition to this work.

There is only one opposition to everybody in the world coming into a spiritual realization. As a matter of fact, when Walter Starcke went to the New York Public Library to place The Infinite Way writings there, he was told that they don’t even have a department for religious books. New York City doesn’t want religious books, if you please. Now what is that? New York City? Or is that material sense? It’s material sense, and you’ll find it not only in New York—many other places too.

All right then, since there is no opposition to God except through material sense, bring your conscious realization of God’s presence to bear on the dissolving of material sense. Maybe dissolving is a better word than destruction, destroying. And so, for your second period, will you please remember that The Infinite Way is the realization of Christ consciousness dissolving material sense, and have that period first, to realize your Christ again, and then realizing that your realization of the Christ is dissolving that material sense, which stands in the way of the world accepting a spiritual teaching.

I don’t care particularly whether the world accepts The Infinite Way, or whether it accepts any other spiritual teaching that will lead a person to Christ consciousness. But it is a part of the function of my individual experience to be concerned that material sense is broken, so that every individual can fulfill scripture, and in the end be taught of God.

Now give that second period then, or one of those three periods, to the realization of Christ, and then to the conscious realization that this realization of the Christ is the dissolving of the material sense that would separate people from spiritual realization, from God realization, from the spiritual teachings that are walking around this earth today, trying to bring together through the power of prayer, peace on earth.

Now there can’t be peace on earth by human means. Peace on earth comes in the same way that peace comes in this room: when every individual is spiritually endowed. Then there can be no more wars. No human being can destroy material sense for themselves. That is what I discovered many years ago to be the fault with all metaphysical practice. It tries to tell you to be more giving, more generous, more pure, more forgiving, more something or other, and you’re saying inside, “My God, you don’t have to tell me that. Isn’t that what I’m trying to do? Tell me how to do it, how to accomplish it. I’m not satisfied with myself. I don’t think I’m pure enough. I don’t think I’m good enough. I don’t think I’m honest enough. But you’re telling me to be more good, more honest, more pure, but you’re not telling me how to do it.”

And so I know that all these teachings that tell you what you should be, in the end aren’t … that’s why psychology can’t ever help. It reveals your faults here, and then tells you you shouldn’t be that way. And you say, “Well I knew that was a fault long before you began. What I didn’t know was how to get rid of it, and you’re not helping much.