Whatever is true spiritually of one of us in demonstration is now true of all of us because of our oneness in each other through our oneness in God. So the “peace be still” that is of God, that touches the soul of one of us, touches the soul of each of us.

The solution of the outer problem is automatically taken care of in the realization of this inner peace: the peace within, produces the peace without. The activity of Christ within, results in the stilling of the waves without; the peace be still within, appears as the daily manna without. The realization of this divine presence, this feeling of divine love through us, is the temple of God in which we live and move and have our being, even when we are out in the world.

The word of God is our abiding place and even when we move in and out of this world, we are abiding in this word if we feel. We take just this moment for the feeling of this divine presence: “I will never leave you nor forsake you—but you must abide in Me, you must abide in My word; I will never leave you nor forsake you, I will be with you whithersoever thou goest—but you must turn within to Me, you must make Me your abiding place, you must take My word into your mouth, into your consciousness, you must take the remembrance of My presence with you, wherever you go; I will never leave you nor forsake you—but be sure that you do not leave the word out of your mouth.”

Recognize the divine presence in the heart and soul of all those you meet—friend or foe. Recognize that the individual soul is the abiding place of God. That the world itself doesn’t know it is of no concern to you or to me; they too will awaken as we recognize God in the midst of them.


In this work that we are doing tonight, I want to reveal to you a principle of healing, of protecting, and of supply. But I want to reveal to you a principle, that will operate without your taking thought, without your making statements, without your doing heavy mental work, without your begging or pleading or beseeching of God. I would like to show you a principle of healing that operates completely without what the metaphysical world calls treatment. In this principle you will find that the healing principle is a state of peace, a state of peace that you achieve, that I achieve, we all achieve, through the realization of the Presence. That is this form of treatment—just the realization of the Presence, just the feeling of a state of peace.

Now, as we went into this work tonight, I’m sure you felt the agitation in the air, in the atmosphere, or in many cases, you yourselves felt ill at ease, not at peace.

Now, I want you to remain here, and abide in this, until a sense of peace steals over you, a sense of peace that will come through only one recognition: I am with you, I will never leave you nor forsake you; I in the midst of you, am mighty; My Presence will go before you, to make the crooked places straight; I will go before you, to prepare a place for you; My peace I give unto you, not as the world giveth, not with human honors or human wealth—but a peace transcending man’s understanding, the peace that comes when the Christ is enthroned in our consciousness, as the source of our health and the source of our supply.

No other peace can be lasting, only the peace that comes as the Christ is enthroned as the source of your good, and as the only power in your experience. I live yet not I, Christ liveth my life, I can do all things through Christ. Christ is my strength, Christ is my redeemer, my savior, Christ is the law of resurrection unto my body, unto my business. Christ is my bread and wine and water, not to be achieved, not to be earned. Christ never leaves us nor forsakes us, therefore the bread and the water and the wine and the meat are always here within our own being. I am with you and I am the bread of life, I am with you and I am the meat, I am with you and I am the wine and I am the water and I am the resurrection. I am life eternal and I will never leave you. I, life eternal, will never leave you nor forsake you. My peace I give unto you.

No longer will you live by bread, but by My presence—My presence will be sufficient for you. You will no longer seek for any thing, except for Me and you will know that in finding Me, the Christ, you will have found your peace, your security, your confidence, your reward, your health, strength, eternality. No longer seek after the things of the world—otherwise you cannot receive the peace that the world knows nothing of. Seeking the things of the world you find the peace that the world can give you. Seeking the realization of My presence you’ll find the “peace that passeth understanding.”

In this treatment, the nature of the problem is of no importance, only the realization of this peace, of this Presence. It will take care of the problem regardless of its nature or of its intensity or of the length of time of its duration: though your sins were scarlet, you shall be white as snow in one instant.

I will take you by a way, I will take you by a way called Christ, in which every thought, every need and every desire will be satisfied and fulfilled in the realization of that word Christ. Christ is my fulfillment; Christ is my savior; Christ is the source and fount of all my good. I shall look unto Christ, not unto man, unto Christ, unto this sense of peace within me. In the realization of this peace, I have found the Christ, I have realized the Christ—Christ has become visible and tangible.

Right before me, right before my closed eyes is a luminous cross, crucifix, and it is the symbol of the crucifying of our faith, belief and dependence on something external to our own being. Right now, right here we are crucifying our own faith or dependence on a presence or power outside of our own being. And as we rise above that cross, that crucifix, as we rise above the crucifying of our outer dependence, we make the ascension into that state of consciousness in which regardless of the storm, we close the eyes and say “peace be still, my peace is with me.”

Think, think, think now that from this moment on, when you have crucified your faith and dependence, your reliance, on man, on things, and have come into the realization “that a state of peace within, is life eternal and harmonious without.” In that moment, you have made the ascension above this world.

And only then can you say with the Master: “I have overcome the world.”  I have overcome the need for anything or anyone; I have found Christ within to be my salvation, my supplier and my supply, my healer and my redeemer. I have found that the source of satisfaction is this realization of peace within. My fulfillment is always now from within. I have crossed out the belief that my help must come from without. I have crossed out the belief that anything or anyone external is necessary to the realization of my eternal harmony and all that has come about through the feel of a peace within, not due to anything without, but due to a divine Presence within.

The divine Presence has always been there. How many times however, when we have felt this outer discord, have we sat patiently for 10 or 15 minutes to let this peace descend upon us; and in failing to do that, we have missed the way.

Now when the storms threaten without; now when the waves dash against our ship; let us remember this experience. It may take five minutes for the peace to descend. It may take 15 minutes. There are obstinate beliefs in this world, but if we’re patient and know what it is we’re waiting for, “the assurance from within,” that’s all we’re waiting for, “the assurance from within.” The treatment isn’t complete, till the assurance has come within: lo I am with you always; fear not I am with you.

See how easy it is to rest in the deep silence, to relax the worlds’ cares? Ah but you say “yes, but when we return to the world, aren’t the troubles still there?” Not for you and not for me! A thousand may feel them at your left and ten thousand at your right; they will not come nigh you, as you dwell in this deep silence.

It may take practice, but whenever this agitation comes as you certainly must have felt it here tonight; whenever that agitation comes to your thought, find a place to rest and relax and wait. Wait for this peace to descend upon you. As this peace descends upon you inwardly, you may be assured whatever the name or nature of the storm without, it also is being stilled.

Isn’t it easy in this atmosphere to say, Father forgive them, they know not what they do? All these disturbers of the world… isn’t it easy to forgive them, and realize “it’s only because of their ignorance of this peace, just as we were ignorant of it, half hour ago.” Nothing can enter the deep silence that defileth or maketh a lie.

By this you can see that, we were not disturbed by our own fears or doubts or problems. When we came into this room we were disturbed by the world’s fears and doubts and problems. We were merely receiving stations for the world’s troubles. If they were our troubles, they’d still be troubling us. They never were our troubles, even when they reflected themselves in our affairs.

Those of you who feel this, who are touched by the divine Presence, will want to maintain it always. There is a way, it is the way of frequent silence and frequent meditation, frequent opening of thought to the Christ, to the realization of the divine Presence. At the first flurry of an entrance from the world into your consciousness—retire into this, even while at your work.

Be not afraid, it is I.

Thank you, thank you.