I haven’t entirely recovered from the effects of this morning’s class. One more class like that and I’ll take up permanent residence on cloud number eight. We have a beautiful class body.

And always remember, those of you who engage in this work, if you permit your classes to be formed by the Spirit, they will always include those who can lift the class and the teacher to greater heights. But if the class is brought together by human means, it may mean very little in spiritual development.

And for a living example of that, let me ask you now to relax. Relax and let thought get quiet inside in the realization of a Presence that is to bring you fulfillment.

As a person, you no longer need to desire anything, or to want anything, or to acknowledge a need for anything. As a person now, you can relax, and be assured that there is a Presence in the midst of you, a Light, a Being. And It’s function, is to fulfill your entire experience, to fill it full of spiritual good. It’s function in the midst of you, is to know what things you have need of and to provide them.

There is no need now, for you to acknowledge any lack, there is no need for you to acknowledge any need. The stillness, the silence is God’s abiding place. In the stillness and in the silence, God lives, expresses, fulfills, reveals and unfolds, and It’s world appears to you in forms of harmony, grace and beauty.

If you are as a little child, if you are relaxed, if you have given up the personal sense of I at this moment, if only for this moment, to the place where it is almost as if you were looking over your own shoulder and watching God appear—just as you might watch a sunset or a moon rise, and yet not reach out and try to help them. Just passively be a beholder.

Or sometimes when you see a beautiful flower, the first thought that comes into your mind is “and a fool hath said in his heart, there is no God.” Have you ever looked at a beautiful flower, or a mountain scene, sunrise or sunset, and had that thought flash right into your mind, “and a fool hath said in his heart, there is no God?” Well that’s because you knew, “that only God could make a tree” as the poet told us. You knew that only God could fashion such a sunset, create such a mountain setting. You knew that it was your joy and your pleasure and your privilege, to behold God revealing Itself in these beautiful forms and colors. That’s all you were doing, you were beholding God reveal Himself to you in these wondrous varieties of beauty and grace.

So in this moment of relaxed selfhood, where you know now after these weeks of instruction that I can of my own self do nothing. It truly is the Father within me that doeth the works. In this moment of supreme stillness and silence, where the human mind is not trying to make a demonstration, where the human mind has gone even a step further, and acknowledges no lack, no limitation, no need, just feels that: I am home in Thee; I and my Father are one; I rest in Thee; I feel the peace that passeth understanding; I know the glow of the divine Presence; He that fashioned thee shall preserve thee… shall be a light unto thy feet… shall go to prepare a place for thee—because His is the kingdom, and the power, and the glory; this is His kingdom not yours, this is His power not yours, this is His glory not mine; as if we of our own understanding or power had raised up this man—no, the God of Abraham, the God of Isaac, the God of Jacob hath done this thing; and if the Spirit of God dwell in you, that same Spirit that raised up Jesus from the dead will quicken also your mortal bodies.

How may you know if the Spirit of God dwells in you? You can be relaxed if you can be at peace, if you can rest, rest: in quietness and in confidence, shall be my strength, not in mental work, not in treatment, in quietness and confidence shall be my strength.

Be still and let me show you the Father’s glory, let me show you how the Father can come to you, revealing health, revealing harmony, revealing peace—and all without you doing a thing: “not by might nor by power, but by My Spirit, saith the Lord. I will not leave you comfortless. I will send you a comforter, even the Spirit of Truth—and It will be all things to you. Rest from your mental labors, rest from your doubts and from your fears.”

No one ever fears who has tasted or touched God. Yea though I walk through the valley of the shadow of death, I will not fear. No. How could David fear since he had already learned that Thou art with me.

If in this moment of stillness and of silence, you feel even the tiniest touch of the Christ, you will never again fear though you walk through the desert or through the wilderness, or through the waters or through the flames or through the valley of the shadow of death. You will never again fear, because the remembrance of this little touch will be a reassurance that: “before Abraham was, I was right there with you and lo I am with you unto the end of the world. I will never leave you nor forsake you; as I was with Abraham, so I will be with you. As I was with Moses in the Red Sea, in the wilderness, so I will be with you; though the waters pass over you, they will not drown you.”

I don’t ask you to believe the signs. I don’t ask you to believe even if you experience a healing. I don’t ask you to believe even if your mail is filled with money tomorrow. I will only ask you to believe if you feel a touch within you—the Presence, the Light, the Life.

Remember, if your thought wants to wander, just remind it that it is in quietness and confidence that you find your peace not in your mental wanderings, not in trying to remember a lot of truths, not in trying to fulfill some human need: but in quietness and confidence.

When the Master says to us now, know the truth and the truth will make you free, remember that the truth that you are to know is: that I in the midst of thee am mighty; that My peace is your salvation; that quietness and confidence is the treatment; that we do not attain our good by might or by power, but by a gentle Spirit; we are quiet as we accept God’s grace; we let God’s grace flow to us and through us.

And remember, go and tell no man; tell no one what things you have discovered. Don’t throw your pearls before the unprepared thought.

These things that are whispered to you in silence, will be shouted from the housetop as demonstration: not by your voice, not by your rushing to tell your friend or neighbor—but by demonstration.

Be still, be still and know, but be still and know. Don’t do it aloud, be still and know.