The Truth I Am Is The Truth 4/5

March 21, 2018 // 0 Comments

Now, to the spiritually illumined, you pass out of both—the physical sense of life and the mental—and you begin to live in what is called “the soul.” That’s your true being, “I.” And, when you are living in there, you have a mind, and you have a body, and they are your instruments. You’re not somebody else’s instrument, but your mind and your body is your instrument. And, you’re living in the soul. [...]

Three Daily Meditations 5/5

May 24, 2016 // 0 Comments

Stay in your sanctuary and pray alone, all alone. Then when you find someone, as I have found you, someone that you’re as sure of as I’m sure of you, then go and do likewise, but not before, cause you’ll spoil it for yourself. You won’t spoil it for us who hold it sacred and secret. That nobody can do. Nobody gave me my demonstration but God, and nobody can take my demonstration away but God. But you can wreck your own. I could wreck my own too, if I would let the call of the world get in—Too late for that now. Do you see that? [...]

The Mystical World 1/4

January 10, 2016 // 0 Comments

Again, I bring to your attention the practicality of the spiritual life, because the attainment of spiritual realization never permits one to leave society, to leave the world. As the Master instructed his disciples, remain in the world, but not of it. And as he instructed them before the ascension, “Remain in this city until you are endowed from on high.” [...]

The Fabric of Being (1/5)

June 28, 2014 // 0 Comments

A way has been revealed – a way out of this wheel of human existence. It is not some new way of getting God to perform His function; it is not some new way of making God do for us what God hasn’t done in the past; it is not some new way of waking God up to his duty or obligation. It is the way of removing the barrier which separates this earth from heaven and thereby experiencing heaven on earth. [...]