Now, the secret is then that the source of your supply is your own consciousness of God as supply.  Now so it is with health.  Health is a matter of individual, spiritual consciousness—your consciousness.  If you seek a help of a practitioner, then in that moment, your health depends on the developed, spiritual consciousness of your practitioner.  But, that isn’t going to do you much good forever, because sooner or later you’re going to be in a position where it’ll be your developed consciousness or none.  And our function as students is to develop our individual consciousness to the point, not only of being healed, but of healing.

And so, you have to come back to this basic truth that since I and the Father are one, God is my being.  You might put it this way:  God is being me.  God is being me.  God is living my life.  “I live,” says Paul, “yet not I.  Christ liveth my life.”  And you have come to that point ultimately where you say, why I don’t have health.  I don’t have wealth.  I don’t have anything.  This is God’s life, God’s health being me, living me.  I live yet not I this is Christ the Son of God living my life.  Then, in a measure, you start to drop the personal sense of health and supply, and you come to that grand finale where you say, the earth is the Lord’s and the fullness thereof.  Son, all that I have is thine.  When you come to that point you have reached a place in your demonstration where the whole world falls off your shoulders. The Earth is the Lord’s and the fullness thereof.

That just leaves me stripped without a thing, doesn’t it, until that next breath:  Son, all that I have son is thine.   Now, my mortality has been swallowed up, and I’m clothed with immortality.  My finite sense of self has been swallowed up and now I’m clothed upon with God’s immortality, God’s infinity, God’s grace, God’s presence, Gods power, and so I can truthfully say, I have no power.  I of myself can do nothing.  I of my own self am nothing.  If I speak of myself, I bear witness to a lie.  The Father is my Life.  The Father is my supply.

So it is in these days through which you are living, which these newspapers tell us are the greatest days of fear ever known on the face of the globe.  You have no need for fear.  You need have no part in the world’s fear.  Why?  As far as the world is concerned, no defense has been found, no bombproof shelter, which is secure against these nuclear bombs.  And therefore, well just realize it, our life is dependent on the good nature of Mr. Khrushchev.  Now, isn’t that a terrible thought to have for a Godly people?  Isn’t that terrible?  Of course, it’s terrible, because it isn’t true.  Our Scripture tells us that God is a fortress.  Now the question is would you like to take issue with God?  With the Bible?  Would you like to make the statement that that is not true, that God is our fortress?  In Him we place reliance?  Is it not true that God is a high tower?  Is it not true that we live and move and have our being in God?  Do we need God and matter too?  Do we need God and cement too?  Haven’t we proven over and over again that we don’t God and medicine?  And haven’t many proved that we don’t need God and cement?  That we don’t need God and stone fortresses.  God is our fortress but that must be taken literally.  God is a Spirit and God in infinite and nothing can enter God that defileth or maketh a lie.  And our life is hid with life in Christ in God.

Now, you see that without the practice of these Truths, the Bible is nothing more than a lesson in a book on a table.  It is not a living, demonstrable word.  Actually, it is true that I and the Father are one, and therefore, I live in God and God in me, I in thee and thou in me for we are one.  But just as you have to see that supply is invisible, health is invisible, so you have to see that safety and security are invisible properties of God, and you’re in them.  You dwell in the secret place of the most High.  You don’t go there Sundays exclusively.  You are there morning, noon, and night.  You dwell, you live in the secret place of the most High.  You live and move and have your being in God, if you realize that you yourself are invisible.

You must remember that I am invisible.  You do not see me.  You are just looking up here at my body, and I am looking at yours.  I can’t see you, unless with my eyes closed, I can reach back inside of your eyes and back there I’ll find you, and I can begin to tabernacle with you and know you as you really are.  I’ll never get to know you by looking outwardly at your form, nor will you get to know me.  For the form is but the visible evidence of me, just like the dollars are only the visible evidence of my supply.  My supply is invisible, and I carry it wherever I go, even into my shower bath.

But the visible evidence of it is outside, and so it is that I am invisible but the visible evidence of me sits in this chair.  And that is the form.  But if you destroy this form, I will still be here.  I will never leave you nor forsake you.  Whither soever thou goest, I will go.  I will be with you unto the end of the world.  And, if it should be necessary, in three days I could raise up the form again that has been destroyed.  If it’s not necessary, I will go on about my business.  But I will be here where I am, which is where you are for I am you.  I is God and I is the life of you, so I am the life of you.  Do you see that?

The whole secret of spiritual living has to do with the invisible.  It has to do with your recognition of the fact that your life is invisible; it is hid with Christ in God.  Bullets can’t do anything to it.  Flames can’t burn it.  The Bhagavad-Gita, I believe in the Third Chapter (Second, Third Chapter) tells us that nothing swords cannot touch it, fire cannot burn it, water cannot drown it.  Life is invisible.  My life is invisible; it is hid with Christ in God.  And the Master taught the same thing that if you destroy this temple, this visible form, in three day I will raise it up again.  Why, because you will have not touched I.  You will not have touched Me.  And so it is with every bit of destruction construction begins at once.

Now, all of this applies in the practice of our healing work, because we are dealing with the health of the body, the health of our supply.  We are dealing with problems of safety and security.  Every one of these problems comes to a practitioner.  Students go traveling and want help.  They want to be assured of safety and security on their journey.  And there’s only one way you give it to them and that is to assure them that they will never be in an airplane, or in a ship, or in a train, or in a submarine.  That these will always be in the student, since the student is infinite consciousness.  The consciousness of God in which everything is embodied.  And therefore, you’ll carry your airplane inside of you, instead of you being inside of your airplane.  Why, because you are invisible infinity.