God made flesh.  God is your being, therefore your being is infinite.  Your being includes within itself every mode of transportation.

Your students and patients will be traveling a lot by automobile, and many times they’ll be fearful of the so-called bad drivers on the road and drunk drivers on the road.  But this will not come nigh thy dwelling place if you can assure your student that they are never in an automobile.  They’re carrying the automobile in them.  They are not victims of a driver outside themselves.  That driver is inside of them, within their consciousness and subject to their consciousness of Truth.  Nothing is outside the realm of your individual consciousness.  If I have a headache and ask you for help, you have become the Law unto my health.  If you observe anything of a negative nature about me, you have become the Law unto the transformation of that.

And so it is, it’s only necessary for you to know that there isn’t a soul on this earth driving a car or an airplane or anything else that isn’t in and of your consciousness and subject to your consciousness of good, of God, therefore they are God directed, God maintained, God sustained.  You see how this applies, then?  Your health is a matter of my consciousness.  And the moment somebody asks you for help their health becomes a matter of your consciousness.  And their health responds to your state of spiritual consciousness.  And if you know these Truths, if your know that life is invisible, never subject to matter or material conditions, if you know that supply is spiritual, never seen, always omnipresent, always infinite.  If you know that God is a fortress and a high tower, an invisible cloak protecting you from every false belief of the human mind, you can walk up and down this earth and never be seen by the carnal mind.

But you see it rests with you.  Ye shall know the truth, and the truth shall make you free.  There are no mysterious Gods sitting around waiting to do this for you.  I need only remind you that in India the average lifespan is 29 years.  That in the United State it is for the male 67 years and for the female 74 years.  She doesn’t have quite so much worry they tell us.

Why the difference between India and the United States?  Does God love the United States more than India?  No, we’re not going to be that foolish, are we?  Does God love Americans more than He loves Hindus?  We’re not going to be that foolish as to believe that.  God is no respecter of persons.  What is the difference then?  The difference is the degree of unfolded consciousness.  That’s the degree.  If their consciousness were unfolded enough, expanded enough.  But we have seen this in the United States where it is only a matter of 75 years ago when our Negroes were all illiterate slaves.  And today we have Phi Beta Kappa key men and women of the Negro race.  We have some really great intelligence and brains among the Negroes.  Why this change?  They merely have been given the opportunity to unfold their consciousness.  They’ve taken advantage of it, that’s all.  They weren’t illiterate Negroes because they were Negroes.  They were that because they weren’t given the opportunity for their consciousness to unfold and expand, and now they’re being given that opportunity, and they’re finding their rightful place in society.

So it is with the people all over the world.  The day will come when there will be no labor strikes.  I wouldn’t be surprised that almost every one of us in this room will be right here on earth to witness that day.  Why?  Because it is known now that there never was a legitimate reason for a strike.  Strikes have been brought about through ignorance of how to settle these affairs.  Just as you know that wars will be outlawed very quickly.  Why will they be?  Because in this age we know that wars don’t settle anything.  Therefore, that can’t be the way to settle them.  But a few generations ago that wasn’t known.  If somebody disagreed with you you got up and punched ’em.  And if you were a country, you just sent your army out to punch them.  And that was the way it was done, always with physical force.  But that was because human consciousness was not unfolded enough to know that there isn’t a subject in the world that can’t be reasoned out at a table.

But enlightened consciousness now reveals that to us, and the result is that in the United States we have very few strikes.  And most things are being settled, and the strikes that we still have we have mainly because the type of Union leader is not yet the enlightened one.  And as they give way to the more enlightened ones, strikes go out.

So it is we live on a border with Mexico, and we live on a border with Canada, and we have no wars with them.  Why?  Because they are two countries like ourselves with enough developed consciousness that we can reason out our problems without going to war about them.  And that is becoming now universal.

Now, if the metaphysical religions of this last three quarters of a century have proven anything at all is that anyone can be a healer who seriously wants to be.  Not easily always, oh no no.  To some it becomes very, very easy to be a healer.  To some that consciousness comes very quickly, to others slowly.  But it’s attainable by any body who is determined enough to have it.  Why?  Because it has nothing to do with any mysterious, outside Gods.  It has nothing to do with any mysterious, outside powers.  It has to do with what degree of developed consciousness can you bring to bear on a problem.

Now, when you are called upon to help someone with supply.  And you can say, certainly I will give you that help.  I’d like you to help along a little bit too by searching yourself and see if there isn’t something that you can start to give, somewhere where you haven’t been giving it.  Oh not to your family.  We know you’ve doing that alright.  But to someone who isn’t your family or someone who’s your enemy.  No, I can’t think of a thing.  Well then, search your clothing closet and see if there isn’t something there you might spare.  Start this giving business, and you’ll start the supply.  And then I’ll do the rest.

And what do you do?  You sit down.  You get into meditation.  And the first thing you do is to purge your own consciousness by realizing, Father forgive this individual; they do not yet know that they have the infinity of spiritual supply right where they are but I know it.   I know that where they are God is, and God is infinite, and God is supply.  And so I know that supply is with them.  I know that they are the very embodiment.  I know that it’s as true of them as of Jesus that I have meat.  This person has meat that the world knows not of.  This person has the bread of life, the staff of life, the wine, the water, the water that springs up into life eternal.  I know that they hath because I know that all that the Father hath is theirs.  And I know now that as they start to let lose of it and begin to yield a little bit on the giving side that the rest will begin to flow.  And soon you’ll find out that your knowing this Truth sets them free from the belief of lack and limitation.