Someone comes to you with a physical disease.  Practice according to the Infinite Way, and if they want to tell you what the disease is and where it hurts them, let them.  But don’t hear them.  Don’t ever listen.  Don’t take it in, because you might believe it.  If you believe it, you can’t heal them.  In our work we do not care whether it’s the head that hurts or the foot.  We do not care whether it’s internal or external.  Why?  Because we’re not physicians.  We don’t anything about anatomy, physiology, biology, chemistry.  So we care nothing about the name or the nature of the disease that is bothering anyone.  We care only for one thing.  They have asked for help.  Therefore, they must have enough faith to fulfill the Master’s requirement:  Do you believe that I can do this thing?  Well, the chances are that if they’ve asked for help they believe it.  If they ask for help not believing, they may not get it.  But if there is a grain of hope or confidence within them that they will get it, they will get it, if your consciousness of Truth is correct.  If you go within and wipe out of yourself all bearing of false witness against your neighbor and begin to know that this child is the very child that I am.  For we are one in Christ Jesus and all that I have is his or hers.  All the help, all the harmony, all the peace, all of Divine grace, and by abiding in this spiritual Truth until you feel a little sense of release or peace within yourself, you’ll bring healing to your patient.

Now, I must briefly touch on this.  And this includes two words.  Idolatry.  Atheism.  It is idolatry to believe that there is any power in form or effect.  Even the food you eat feeds you by reason of the fact that there is an invisible life in the food, which is feeding you.  The form doesn’t feed you, but the invisible life in the food feeds you.  That is why we now have many cases of malnutrition of people who are eating so heartily that they’re pounds and pounds and pounds overweight and yet become violently sick with malnutrition.  And do you know why?  The life of the food has been taken out before it’s been sold to them and all that they get is husk.

There was quite an article in one of our magazines in January, which told our public that every one of the dry cereals, which they buy in the stores, hasn’t an ounce of life or food in it.  That is it nothing but husks that goes into the stomach without any life except the life that you add to it by adding some milk, or cream, or sugar, or fruit.  But in and of itself these dry cereals are nothing but husks from which the life has been taken.  And yet they’re sold for food and for children’s food.  It has long been known in the States that the bread and the pies and the cakes we eat have all had the food values taken out of them before we get them, and we get the husks.  It is for this reason that, was it last year, in Scotland they refused to allow the largest bakers in England to open branches in Scotland, because the largest bakers in England are using American recipes, and Scotland says our people need bread; we’re bread eaters, and we need the life in the bread, and you take it out.  You see that?  It isn’t the form that feeds you; it’s the life in the form, and if the life’s been taken out, you’re not fed.

So it is.  Don’t fear a form, whether it’s the form called fever, formed called lump, form called cancer, consumption, paralysis.  Don’t fear the form for the form cannot harm you.  It is idolatry to give power to a form.  And you only begin healing when you get cured of idolatry, when you believe in golden calves in any form.  Now this subject may also be embraced under the head of atheism.  Since you believe in God and God is spirit and God is invisible, put all of your faith in the invisible and none of it in anything that has visible form.

Do not fear, hate, or love that which is visible.  Use everything that’s usable.  Enjoy everything that’s enjoyable.  But don’t put your hope or your faith in it.   Don’t put your hope and faith in a bombproof shelter.  It may not stand up under the test.  Don’t put your faith in man whose breath is in his nostril.  He may not prove up to the responsibility you place on his shoulder.  You know that God is spirit and spirit is invisible, therefore place your faith, and hope, and reliance in the invisible.  And when you see any form that human sense says is destructive, treat it the way Jesus did leprosy or the blind man.  Treat it as nothing.  Don’t fear it.  Don’t hate it.  Don’t try to get rid of it.  Sit quietly and peacefully and realize, if you exist as visible form, it would be idolatry or atheism to believe you have power.  All power is in God the Spirit.

These two subjects comprise one of our most important subjects, for on them our entire demonstration is built.

And so until what time this evening?  8:00 o’clock this evening, time has flown away.