How do we arrive at that?  Since God is infinite, there exists nothing but God.  Then God must be all the supply there is.  There is no other supply than God.  And the moment you let your mind run to money, properties, bonds, stocks, and think of these as supply, you are off the track of demonstrating Spiritual, Infinite supply.  Supply has never been seen by anyone, for supply is the presence of God—Immanuel, God with us.

Now your realization of the Truth that God is closer to you than breathing and nearer than hands and feet is your realization and demonstration of the omnipresence and infinite nature of supply, since God is infinite.  And God in Its infinity is closer to you than breathing, nearer than hands and feet.

Then, when you perceive this, you can begin to claim for yourself infinite abundance, closer than breathing, nearer than hands and feet and really and truly not insult your own intelligence, because now you are claiming the presence of God in you, the presence of infinite God, omnipresent God.  And now you need take no thought for your life, what you shall eat, or what you shall drink, or wherewithal you shall be clothed, or where the next automobile is coming from, or the next vacation trip.  Drop these from your mind for they are the added things.

In other words, our outward good are but the symbols of the omnipresence of supply.  Our classes have seen it in this wise.  If I haven’t a consciousness of supply, I can’t have the symbol of supply in my pocket.  First, I must have the consciousness of supply, and then the symbol follows on top of that.    If I have the consciousness of the presence of God, where I am, Immanuel God with us, the place the place whereon I stand is holy ground, Son thou art ever with me and all that I have is thine; when I have that consciousness, the symbols appear as they are needed.  And the symbols may be money one day, transportation the next day, hotel accommodations the next day, food, clothing, books, whatever it may be, these appear since these are but the symbols or outer expressions of supply.  Supply itself has never been seen, heard, tasted, touched, or smelled.  Supply is God.  Supply is Spirit.  Supply is the presence of the Lord with me.  Supply is a life force that works through me.

Now if you need any proof of this, I will just ask you to visualize a tree, a fruit tree in your garden.  And visualize it in the off season when there is no fruit and there are no blossoms on the tree.  But you are not going to cut the tree down.  Why not, there’s no supply there?  Ah, you know better than that.  You know right now that there is a life force operating in and through that tree that is forming the sap that will go up in through the trunk, out into the branch, and appear later as a blossom, and then later as the fruit.  So you are not fooled at all by the barren tree.  You don’t say the tree has no supply.  You don’t say the tree is useless.  You don’t say the tree lacks.  You just look at that tree, and thank you, Father, I know what’s taking place inside that tree.

So it is with us.  It really makes no difference; it should make no difference to any of you.  It makes no difference to me what the state of my outer sense or visible supply may be at any given moment.  If a hurricane came and blew it all away, I would still be where I am, and the life force would still be operating in my consciousness and with a little patience the blossoms and the fruit would appear again in the forms of dollar bills or whatever the need might be.

All that is necessary is the recognition of this Truth:  there is a life force operating in you as it is in the trees.  Why hasn’t it become visible in greater measure?  Because your consciousness wasn’t attuned to the invisible but to the visible.  And most of the time we have been trying to create in the visible.  And you see you can’t multiply loaves and fishes in the visible.   You cannot multiply dollars in the visible.  If I start multiplying these I’ll go to jail very quickly.  So if I want more of these, I must not multiply out here in the visible; I must do my multiplying in the invisible.  And the manner of it is to realize that God is supply.  God is closer to me than breathing, nearer than hands and feet; therefore, my supply is closer to me than breathing.  That God is infinite, therefore my supply is infinite, and like the fruit tree, heaven help the person who lets their fruit stay on that tree and doesn’t pluck it.  They will soon learn how quickly a tree can dry up and give forth no more fruit.  It is only as we pluck the tree, as we take the fruit off and the flowers from the flower bushes that this life force immediately goes to work to push out twice as many as it had before.

So it is with our supply.  It is only in proportion as we can love our neighbor, give out love, give out forgiveness, give out cooperation, always without seeking a return.  Only the Indian giver gives and then seeks the return.  The true Spiritual Light gives out of the fullness of a heart of giving-ness and seeks no return, because there is no need for return.  God is one’s sufficient return.

Now, when you see this, you see one of the major healing points in the Infinite Way that it is your consciousness of Truth that determines your supply.  It isn’t a God somewhere.  It isn’t a Christ somewhere.  It isn’t a spirit somewhere.  It is your consciousness.  Your developed consciousness, if you weren’t born with such a consciousness, as how many have been—very few.  In nearly every case, it has been a matter of a developed consciousness.  Elijah wasn’t even sure of Elisha’s consciousness and put him through the test to see whether he had arrived at Christ consciousness.

So, it is.  The disciples were fishermen.  We know that their consciousness was developed consciousness.  Saul of Tarsus we know his was a developed consciousness resulting in St. Paul.  All down through the ages, St. Augustine we know was far from being a spiritual light, but he became a developed, spiritual consciousness.  And so with many on the path.