Now, with that acknowledgment, we are ready for the next step. There is no better way of arriving at what constitutes Christ consciousness than to study the Four Gospels to see what manner of man Jesus was and what his teachings were, and then seek, in so far as it is possible, to emulate his ways. As you study these Gospels, you will learn first of all that he tells you how to pray. He also tells you how not to pray. He tells you what to pray for, what not to pray for. He tells you about praying in secret. He tells you about doing your good deeds without letting anyone in the world know that you’re doing them, just trusting the invisible Presence within yourself, to know it and openly to reward. Then watch how he tells you that it profiteth you nothing to pray for your friends, that you must pray for your enemies, pray for those who persecute you. See everything that he has said on the subject, read everything, study everything on the subject of prayer. And then remember this that you can only develop Christ consciousness in portion as you can fulfill the life that he showed forth and follow the plan he gave. For every word he gave is a lesson unto us to go thou and do likewise.

Now, you are told in this life and teaching of the Master that if you have aught against any man there is no use to pray. And so we had our lesson yesterday, start all prayer from the standpoint of purifying yourself. In other words, by clearing yourself of criticism, condemnation, judgment, bearing false witness against your neighbor, getting finally to the place where you can agree that man is spiritual and this means universally truth all over the globe, good man or bad man, old man or young man. True being is spiritual.

Then, then when you have done that you have forgiven. And again you’ll find in the Master’s teaching that you are only forgiven your own debts in proportion as you forgive you debtors. And so you will see that all of the sins of omission and commission, which have resulted in our mental darkness, spiritual darkness, physical, moral, financial, all of that is because we have not released. Therefore, we have not been released. Who held us in bondage? Was it God? No, it is ourselves, because we have the pattern. Forgive as ye would be forgiven. Bless as ye would be blessed. Pray for others as ye would be prayed for. In other words, love thy neighbor as thyself. And then and then only are you in the position of receiving grace.

I’m going to digress for just a moment to take up with you the subject of supply, because it works in at this very point. Supply is not a very easy subject for me to teach. And the reason is that everybody already knows it in their heart and soul, but they don’t want to obey it. And so when I teach it I know I am up against that block, block, that wall that does not want to hear what I have to say. But it is a spiritual Truth. Supply is not income. Supply is outgo. Now the human sense testifies otherwise, but spiritual Law down through the ages has proven that everyone who is attempting to get supply by getting is getting less. The few materialists that disprove that always end up by proving that this is the Truth.

Now, supply is one of the easiest demonstrations that a spiritual student can make, because there’s no limit to what a spiritual student can start to give away. You see we are not dealing with amounts, like a certain amount of dollars or pounds when we’re talking about giving away. We’re talking about giving. And giving has no relationship to amounts. It has to do with the degree of our giving-ness.

So then, it isn’t necessary to give anything that you can’t afford. It isn’t necessary to decide on a sum of money that you can’t possibly achieve. Giving-ness is the acknowledgment that supply is through giving, and then begin. Now, we may have to start with, we may have to do a lot of giving of forgiveness. We may have to do a lot of giving up of the material concepts that we entertain of people. And we may have to give a lot of cooperation where we’re now withholding it. We may have to give a lot of patience where we’re not giving it. We may have to give up the desire to get recognition, reward, remuneration, gratitude, cooperation. Give it all up in the realization that it isn’t what I get that is my supply is what I give. Then when it comes down to the dollars or pounds or schillings, we are never called upon for more than meets the common sense. But we are called upon to change our attitude and to begin, at any given moment, with the idea of here starts this schilling in circulation. I don’t care where it goes, as long as it starts out in circulation.

The Scripture has given us this teaching under the name of tithing. Now there are many people who believe that they cannot afford to tithe ten percent of their income. And for them to try it might be disastrous at first. And so it would be well for those people to start tithing with five percent, or four percent, or three percent, or two percent, as long as they determine on a set, specific sum or percentage, which they will give to some impersonal purpose. Not to their families, not to their children, not to their own benefit. But to something completely impersonal, and if possible that it be given in a secret manner so that nobody but themselves knows whence it came.

Those who start that way very quickly get a guilt complex, because it only takes a couple of weeks to see that it was so easy to give two or three percent that automatically you decide that it’ll have to be four or five percent. And the ten percent comes quickly. The strange thing is that rarely does it stop at ten percent. I have three times in my career known individuals who were tithing eighty percent of all their income and had more left to live over on and with than they could possibly spend even if they were extravagant. So that the Law does prove itself that supply is not getting. Supply is giving, and you will always have in proportion to your giving.

Now, there is a second part of supply, which must be recognized, and for the purpose of the Infinite Way, this is the most important part, because so far as I know, this is the first time it has been given to us. Not here, I mean in the Infinite Way. You have never seen supply. You can’t see, hear, taste, touch, or smell supply. Supply doesn’t exist in the visible realm. Supply is Spirit or Life. It is completely invisible, and you have an infinity of supply. You have no less supply than Jesus had, no less than Moses had, no less than Elisha had and Elijah had. And all you have to do is to go back and study their demonstrations of supply and be shocked to know that they had such an infinity and proved it, and then to realize that we have exactly that same amount, not one farthing less.