Meditation 29
Day 29: I am Under Grace

Now, in your moments of inner contemplation,
be sure that you take up, every single time,
the subject of good and evil.
Be sure that in your contemplation you
don’t fear to look at anything or anybody out here.
And say,
“the power of good and evil is not in you
but in the invisible Presence of God,
which appears here as you.”
You may be the tumbler, but the quality is in the glass.
You may be a safe,
but the quality is in the metal of which the safe is formed.
Security isn’t in a safe; it’s in the metal.
And so it is, there is not power of good and evil in any form.
All power is in the Invisible making itself manifest
as the visible harmony and peace and law and order.

Heretofore, I have been under the law of Moses;
the law of cause and effect,
the law of karma,
the law of as ye sow so shall ye reap.

Now I am under Grace.
Now I recognize no law but the law of God.
Now I recognize no cause but the great cause, invisible cause; God.
Now I acknowledge no effect, except those effects,
which are God in expression,
God formed,
God realized.
I am no longer under the law.
I am under Grace.

How To Heal, 1958, Joel S. Goldsmith