Joel S. Goldsmith
8A-2 – The Deep Silence of My Peace Meditation

My peace I give unto you, not as the world giveth give I unto you, but My peace.” You see it is as evident as can be, that this “so-called” or “apparent,” let’s not say “so-called” but this “apparent” turmoil which has disturbed the outer world has come into this world to bring about either doubt or fear, for those things or conditions that exist in our outer world. And tonight if you really want to carry away the sense of the new message, the new mission, try while you are here to drop all sense of thought or concern for whatever it is that is disturbing in the outer picture.

Now, it isn’t easy for me to say this any more than it is easy for you to hear it. But, the desire in the hearts of most of us, right now, is for some solution to an outer problem, to a problem of human existence, to something that is disturbing us in the world of health or wealth.

Most of us at this very moment are concerned, about something in our human affairs, and we are seeking a solution to it. There’s nothing wrong about that, the solution must appear because harmony must appear. But, we will fail to find the solution as long as we are concerned with the problem and the solution of the problem.

Watch what I say to you, that we can have the answer to that problem tonight, if we can sufficiently drop the concern for it in the realization of this, now hear it well: “My peace,” that is Christ peace, this is Jesus speaking, My peace I give unto you, not as the world giveth, not the peace of physical health, or physical wealth, not the satisfaction of personal desires, but something far transcending that—something that when we experience it, wipes out entirely the need for human demonstration. That is what we want to achieve here tonight, this very evening I’m speaking of, this very evening.

In this next hour, we can and many of us must, drop this concern, lose the concern—for whatever it is, whatever the nature of it may be, that we brought with us into this room. And, we can’t do it humanly, we can’t tell it to get out or “get behind me Satan,” but we can open our consciousness at this minute to a realization of “My peace.”

Now watch this as it flows through your consciousness, watch as you open yourself even with a question. What is this “My peace?” What is the spiritual nature of peace? What is the spiritual nature of harmony? Now you will remember that, in order to be that man, whose being is in Christ we must have come to the end of the road of seeking and searching, and come to some measure of awareness that we have already arrived.

And in order to do that we relax, relax from every sense of desire of achievement or desire of demonstration in the feeling that the presence of God dissolves all false appearances. The presence of God is a “peace be still”. . . to every type of storm. There are more storms than ever were on the seas, there are more storms in our thought than oceans ever caused. But the Christ is a “peace be still” to every form of storm, to every form of discord, to every nature of inharmony: Peace be still, My peace, My peace, Christ peace. The peace that passeth understanding, is the peace that comes with the realization of: I will never leave thee nor forsake thee; if you walk through the waters;…I will be with thee; whithersoever thou goest, I will go;…Thy people will be my people;…Never, never, I will never leave thee nor forsake thee; whithersoever thou goest, I will go;…Yea though you walk through the valley of the shadow of death, I will walk with you;… I will be with you, I will be in you, and I will be through you; fear not, fear not, I am with you. (long pause)

From the depth of this inner silence, comes forth the healing waters, those waters that spring into everlasting life. Out of the depth of this silence, comes the Spirit which appears as our cloud by day and our pillar of fire by night. Out of the depth of this silence, comes the safety and the security that always follows the peace that God gives.

The reason for peace is that there is nothing to fear. While there is something to fear, there is no peace. Once the peace has descended upon us, the treatment is complete. The reason for disturbance, for sickness, for lack, has gone. The feeling of peace, is the successful treatment. And there is no successful treatment until the peace that passeth understanding descends upon us.

All prayer, all treatment, all communion with God is only for one purpose; not to make any kind of demonstration, but to achieve for us this sense of peace or well-being. That realization that: Lo I am with you, unto the end of time. Lo I am always with you.

Let us have that sense of the divine Presence, you will have the completed treatment. Let us fail to achieve this sense of peace, and the treatment is not a treatment. “In My presence, the fire does not burn, and the water does not drown. In My presence the storms do not rage, the power of Christ is the answer to every form of inharmony.” The feeling of the Presence is in Itself the treatment. Let us understand this now, let us understand this: our problem is at an end, not when we think we have found a solution, but when we have felt this inner peace.

There is this bond between all of us; the bond that brought us together at this moment, in this place. That bond is the love of God. That love of God is our mutual at-one-ment. It makes us at one with God, and at one with each other; so that the flow of God to and through any one of us is instantaneously the flow of God through everyone within range of our being. One with God is a majority, and because we are one with God and one with each other, all that the Father is showing forth is manifesting as our individual experience, but the individual experience of each one of us.