1952 Second Seattle Closed Class
Joel S. Goldsmith
True Identity 5/5
Tape 617A

Do you see what I am trying to say? Let us learn not to use this word I or the term I am as if “Oh, I am God,” because I’ll tell you something right now. You will never, never, never multiply loaves and fishes, and if you were God, you would. But there is God in the midst of you, and It is that very word I, and It will multiply loaves and fishes for you and through you; and It will be your safety and your security, even in the midst of bombs, even in the midst of wars, even in the midst of hell. This I at the center of your being, if you develop your consciousness to the point where you do not declare these truths, when you listen for them, when you let them declare themselves to you, then you will find that you’ve made the change over from material sense to spiritual sense.

You know, the day “I Am Movement” and all the people in the world who have been declaring “I am” for so many years really and truly were I am, we would have enough saviors on earth so that none of us would have much to do except go around and be fed and healed by them. But they have made very little progress spiritually with their “I am-ing.” No matter how much they say, “I am perfect,” and “I am rich,” and “I am well,” they do not get far with it. And let me assure you from my experience, once you begin to hear the still, small voice within you saying, “I am,” then you will know really and truly that that I in the midst of you has given you your name. That I, which is God, has made us in Its own image and likeness, has given us Its nature and character, and It is a Presence that will never leave us nor forsake us. It is a Presence that, even if we go through the fiery furnace, like the three Hebrews, the fourth will appear there—the Christ—to bring us safely through, so that there will not even be the smell of smoke upon us.

No matter what experience we go through in life, “Yea, though I walk through the valley of shadow of death, I will fear no evil, for thou art with me.” Even in the valley of the shadow of death, thou art with me, and as we attain that realization, “Lo, I am with you. Where so ever thou goest, I will go. Thy people will be my people.” When we get that consciousness within us, we are on the spiritual path, and then you watch this. Our consciousness of truth, our consciousness of the presence of God appears outwardly as our daily supply, as our opportunities, as our parking spaces, as our clothing, transportation, food, as every harmony and beauty in life. Our consciousness of truth, our awareness of truth appears outwardly as the harmony of our daily experience. Is this clear to you?

Do you see why the God of our being is closer than breathing, nearer than hands and feet? It is right at the center of our being. We have choked It off. “Thou hast not known me.” Why? For looking up there, for one reason, and for another reason for saying, “I am spiritual. I am perfect. I am God’s perfect child.” A lot of nonsense. When It says it to you from within, then you’ll have the truth of being. Then you’ll have a consciousness of God’s presence. Walking around affirming “I am God” is not having an awareness of God’s presence. Hearing the voice of God saying, “I am in the midst of thee,” that is having an awareness of God’s presence. When you have that, that awareness, that consciousness of the truth, that consciousness of truth appears outwardly as form.

Let me take you one step more, one step further on The Infinite Way tonight. This is never easy to say. I’m glad it’s a stormy night. Our students, those who have come here, have come in spite of the storm. And they have let nothing interfere with their search for their unfoldment, so only those must be here who will grasp and demonstrate what I would like to say now. The Infinite Way and our practice—for you who have ears—when a call comes for help, we do not answer with statements of truth. We do not answer with argument or denial. This is in no wise a criticism or a judgment on any other form or method of practice. This is merely a particular unfoldment that has come to me, and it doesn’t in any wise mean that another approach is wrong. It only means that this approach is my approach, and the one that I teach, and it has proven effective.

When we are asked for help, we do not answer with statements of truth like, “Oh, now you know that isn’t power.” “Oh, that isn’t true.” “Oh, you know that you are spiritual.” “You surely know that you are perfect.” “Oh, you know that that isn’t real.” We do not answer in that wise at all. The reason is this. We do not believe that anything I might say would have any weight or any power, that anything even that I might think is the healing truth. As a matter of fact, that anything that I might say or believe is necessarily truth. I doubt if there is any answer I might make along metaphysical lines that really would be the truth, except one thing, and that is the thing you usually hear me say those of you who have asked for help—“I will be with you.” You have heard that “I will be with you.” “I am with you.” “Leave it with me.”

Out of all these passages of Isaiah, and probably before we truly would take corroborative passages from the teachings of Jesus, you will see that it is literally true, “I will be with you.” “If you walk through the water, if you go through the fiery furnace, if you are in the wilderness without food and without drink, I will be with you.”

And so when I say to you, “Leave it with me. I will be with you. Rest. Relax.” I’m telling you God’s Gospel truth, and you know I don’t think there is any other truth. I don’t think that saying to you, “Oh, you are spiritual.” “Oh, it hasn’t any power.” “Oh, I don’t believe that it is true.” I do not believe in those treatments. I believe in only one truth, and that truth is, “I will be with you.”