Meditation 30
Day 30: I Stand On Holy Ground

I acknowledge neither good nor evil in anybody,
in any form.
I acknowledge God alone as good.
God the spirit, the Invisible.
The one creative Principle.
The only sustaining influence, maintaining
and sustaining Itself in infinite form and variety.
This claim that presents itself to me,
I treat it as the Master does, with disdain,
with divine indifference,
acknowledging that it could have no power over me,
or my patient, or my student, or my world,
unless that power were a God-derived power.
For the only power is that which manifested itself as this universe,
as my individual being,
for I and the Father are One.
And all the Father hath is mine.

I stand on holy ground.
The place whereon I stand is holy because God is where I am.
I can never flee from the presence of God,
even if temporarily I put myself in hell.
Now I know thou art there, for Thou and I are one, not two.
We are inseparable, indivisible.
And all the presence and all the power
of the invisible good is manifest as visible form.

How To Heal, 1958, Joel S. Goldsmith