Meditation 31
Day 31: All Power Is In God, Come Forth

“Lazarus come forth.”
Did Jesus turn death into life?
Or did Jesus recognize that life animates the body.
The body doesn’t influence life.
Life animates the body.
Therefore, “I say unto you, Lazarus,”
which is the life of God, “come forth.”
Jesus did not address that statement to a corpse.
He addressed it to the consciousness of Lazarus,
and he called him by name, “Lazarus, come forth.”
And Lazarus came forth and brought his body with him,
because Lazarus and his body were one,
just as I and my Father are one.
Lazarus really was a name.
God was the being and the life of which Lazarus was but a name.
He could just as well have said, “Jones come forth.”
He would have been talking to the same consciousness,
because the consciousness of Lazarus and the consciousness of Jones.
they’re both God.
So he was just saying to God come forth and
pick up that body as you do and bring it out with you.

Yes, never turn to God as if you expected God
to become a power to do something that God isn’t already doing.
Only the belief in good and evil kept Lazarus’ body
locked up as a corpse.
And when Jesus addressed the consciousness of Lazarus,
he was virtually saying
the power of good or evil is not in you, in that body.
All power is in God, come forth.

How To Heal, 1958, Joel S. Goldsmith