Now available as pdf. The 40 Daily Meditations posted in the 40 days before the Good Week. All from Joel S. Goldsmith.


How to Heal: 40 Daily Meditations

The meditations are from the “How To Heal” ~ 40 Daily Meditations, an ebook in the making. Derived from Joel S. Goldsmith’s amazing talks How to Heal part 1 – 4, in 1958.
Transcripts made by Zane Maser, proofread by Linda Quiring
Synopsis of the Principles by Eunice Lee.
Formatting in “Daily Meditations” by Wim Haverkamp 2017

Here is one Meditation for you the rest you can use from the pdf.


I and the Father are One

The truth about every man, woman, and child that exists on the face
of the globe, saint or sinner, is that in our spiritual identity,
I and my Father are One.

There is not God and man.
There is not God and you.
There is God expressed individually as you and me.
God appears on earth as individual being.
The life, which is God, is your individual life.
The mind, which is God, is your mind.
The soul, which is God, is your soul.
The spirit of God is the spirit of man and even
your body is the temple of the living God.

I and my Father are One,
and the Father says, “Son, thou art ever with me, and all that I have is thine.”
God is expressed as individual being, and all that the Father hath is manifested right here.

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