From – God the Substance of All Form

By Joel Goldsmith

The Last Enemy   –   Part 2 of 5

Chap 7     – Body Expresses the Activity of Consciousness

The first step in beginning the overcoming of death is the realization that the body does not have any intelligence with which to live or die. Just as the body does not have the intelligence with which to catch cold, and we have to catch the cold for the body through the activity of the fleshly mind by accepting the beliefs of human thought; so, in the same way, we have to contract disease of any nature for the body.

Disease is never contracted through or by the body. The body has no intelligence: It cannot move itself; it is inert; and, like a shadow, it reflects our own state of consciousness. Any disease, therefore, appearing to be of the body is contracted through the activity of the human mind because of its acceptance of universal beliefs. The first point then in overcoming death is overcoming the belief that the body of itself can either live or die and realizing that the body can only reflect, or express, the activity of our own state of consciousness.

When we accept in consciousness the thought or belief of death that is when the body succumbs to it. It has been said over and over again, not only by metaphysicians, but by physicians as well, that people die only when they give their consent. In one way or another that is true, consciously or unconsciously, consent is given to the experience of death. If you understand this point clearly enough, you may not only postpone and probably overcome death, but you will have a workable truth with which to meet the claim of disease and age.

The fact that an individual on the spiritual path goes through the experience of death, or of passing on, does not necessarily mean that he has died. Please remember this: What I have to tell you is not the product of guesswork, nor something I have read in a book. What I am going to tell you is from actual experience in interior revelation.