And because of this oneness, I hear the Father say, “Son, thou art ever with me, and all that I have is thine.” All, not some tiny little bit of it, all. But if you cannot accept this in your consciousness, you cannot demonstrate it out here, because your outer demonstration can be no greater than your inner acceptance of the Christ. If in these years you have witnessed the spiritual presence and power that emanates through my consciousness, then you must accept my message that your consciousness and my consciousness is the same, because God constitutes your consciousness and my consciousness, and all that is possible to me is possible to you, and all that was possible to Christ Jesus is possible to me, in proportion as I can receive it and accept it.

If you can accept the Fatherhood of God as universal truth, if you can accept the Sonship of God as universal truth, God the Father and God the Son, I and the Father in oneness; and if you can let this be your hidden manna, and the secret meat that the world knows not of, and keep it locked up, go and tell no man what things ye have seen, share it only with those whom you find to be earnestly and sincerely seeking the kingdom of God; not seeking a new automobile, not seeking a new house, not seeking new clothing, but seeking earnestly the kingdom of God; then share freely and liberally in proportion to their ability to accept it, giving the milk of the word first, and the meat of the word later.

So it is then, that if I am to have disciples to carry on this work, I must raise them up. They must come forth as a demonstration of my consciousness. And if they are to raise up those who are to carry on their work, they also must raise them up from their consciousness, so that as they appear publicly, they will be a reflection of their teacher’s consciousness.

So you see that the difficulty of this path is that we first must acknowledge that success or failure comes from my consciousness; what I embody and embrace within my consciousness, and the degree of study, meditation, contemplation that I am willing to give so that these truths may pour forth through me. You see, you are receiving in my writings and recordings, the truth as it flows through my consciousness from the source, the fountainhead, but then you must remember that you are not forever to live on my words.

You are to draw forth truth in your words from the same source. The principles will be the same, just as the principles of The Infinite Way agree with the great mystical teachings of the East and the West and the Near East. They are all the same principles, but stated differently. And so these same principles must eventually flow forth through you in your words or the words of your generation. Perhaps the children who are following this message of The Infinite Way today, studying and learning it, will bring it forth in a language suitable to their generation.

The principles cannot differ, because truth is one, and there is only one truth, and I am that truth. The consciousness of God is my consciousness. The I of God is the I of me, and therefore, I am that truth. I embody that truth, and that truth must flow from within to the without, and it must flow not only as words of a spiritual message; it must flow as a cloud by day or a pillar of fire by night. Or it must flow as food, multiplied for the masses. Or it must flow as healings. Or it must flow as a new form of art or literature or music. But always it must flow forth from the consciousness of an individual, because God is the consciousness of every individual. [pause]

It was believed that God punishes sin and rewards the good, but in our book, Thunder of Silence, you are introduced to the truth about this which has a way of shocking the world, and will shock it still more as time goes on, and reveals to the world that there never was any truth in that. God has never punished sin or sinner; God has never rewarded the good. Our punishment and reward comes from the good or the evil that we do. In other words, the good that we do sets a law in motion, the law of as ye sow, so shall ye reap. The evil that we do sets in motion a law, the law of as ye sow, so shall ye reap, or in the Orient it’s called Karmic Law, but it’s the same law: As ye sow, so shall ye reap, by virtue of the law that you set in motion.