Continuing the transcripts of the One Consciousness Online Classes, fall 2020. This transcript of the talk by Wim is related to chapter 9 of the Art of Meditation by Joel S. Goldsmith. Little editing is done to make it more readable.

Welcome, thank you so much for joining us in this one consciousness class. I am happy that you are here and that you take time to relax and to connect with what is real. It’s quite something we have this class, it is connected to the idea of one consciousness that we represent and this is connected to the books of Acropolis books, the free gift that they hand out on a weekly basis, at least for the last 12 weeks now.

This is the sixth class, and it is connected to the book The Art of Meditation by Joel Goldsmith and is one of my favorite books.  I discovered that again when I prepared for the class. I love this Chapter 9 from The Art of Meditation. It is one of the most popular chapters that Joel has written because it has been used a lot. It sounds like a classic if you read through. It is like oh yeah, yeah, I read it before so then there is always the danger that you think you already know what it says. So that is why I want to stay fresh and stay alert to really pick up what it is going to say to us.

To make that easier, I came up with some questions. Here they are: what does fear do? When will good come to me? What is the cause of discords and in harmonies? How to recognize God as the soul of every person?  So, these are quite some questions. If we could get answers to this that would be wonderful and, they are all represented in this chapter of Joel, but you got to listen to it really carefully in order to pick it up. That is what we are going to do in this hour and so it is a meditative class, it is an online healing meditation. Joel uses different terms for it: healing consciousness, contemplation, meditation, prayer, that is all a bit of the same stuff, so to speak.  We are going within; we are quieting down and we are really going to relax ourselves into this present moment.

Let us start doing that right now.  Breathe, sit back, and relax, sigh… Leave behind you what you do not need in this hour. Leave behind your concerns and your occupations, your sidetracks, your thoughts about things, your opinions, all of that we leave behind for just a second or for just an hour. Just to be relieved of it. I am not going to need it in this hour. The lovely thing about meditation to really leave that behind. I can turn within and make a deep connection with myself, a deep connection with within-ness.

There is the Kingdom, there is everything, there is the fulfillment, there is the pure communication available. Despite the little chatterbox, that does not seem to stop, direct communication takes place in this very moment. That is the invitation for today! That is basically, what we do in this hour. And from that everything is occurring spontaneously, by itself.  It means that we do not really try to achieve a goal here. I set up four questions just to have a little bit of a red thread through it, but at the same time, this is what completed-ness is. This is what fulfillment is. Staying in this moment, allowing a moment to be complete in itself. Stop trying to adjust it, not trying to add to it, no, just completely allowing it to be what it is.

That is what practicing the presence is and that is what meditation or contemplation is. Yes, you can also call it spiritual healing, because if I come in touch with who I truly am then is what healing is. I only must recognize that myself. In that recognition, in that experience of oneness of true communication everything is healed. Joel says all kinds of things in this chapter. He guides us through little traps that you might fall into when you are pretty new on this path or when you think: Oh my God, why don’t I see any result of my healing? One of the things he says about healing for instance is, well, if you think that you are doing something, you might be disappointed. Because you look for an outcome. On the other hand, if you do not look for an outcome and let the results be whatever they are, then you are free of that. It is not your concern at all to see, if there is healing going on or not. You just are available for this to connect within and make this your consciousness. Literally coming to the awareness of your healing consciousness, to your Whole Mind if you want.