When I want to ‘help’ my brother, I do this out of ‘love’ for my brother, I do that out of ‘love’ for myself. I want to give my brother the best, so I can receive that for myself too. Someday you will work with an idea and you will put no labels on anything. You meditate from the standpoint of: His spirit within begins to define what Is. It really does not need your help, defining what Is.  I love this and use this a lot, like putting no labels on anything you feel, that you think makes you so upset. You feel that you’re so in the middle of something and now you’re not going to connect your feelings to a person, situation or event. But put no label on it at all! You do not even know what it is your going through: before you might have called it fear anxiety or depression or like heavily emotionally confused or anything like that. It really does not matter, and it is so great to take off all the labels, of your emotions too. It is just what it is. Let it be! OK, you go through something, you do not need to define it, just go through it and let it be changed. That takes a lot of pressure of the people around you. Do not give it any meaning, in that sense, you do not define it, so it is also not connected to space and time anymore, it is free to be itself! You will see what it is, this great intensity that you feeling can just change. It can also bring you to a place within, if you allow yourself to go to the bottom of it. There is a possibility for you to come deeply in touch with what is right underneath. Where you end up after going through this and that is a real essential part of the healing. Do not label things and do not to think it has something to do with your surroundings or your relatives! This is a great opportunity to speed up coming into an awareness of letting things be as they are. Do not say: stop it, by connecting it on a human level. No this time you dive right into it, so it might feel a bit scary in the first moments that you do it, but in the end it is like now you have this beautiful energy of this intensity just really present in you and now it is going to bring you to a place where you never were before. You always have connected your state of mind, with characteristics, with persons, with situations or anything like that: with your definitions. Now you’re not going to do that in order to end up in a different place where something is revealed to you, instead of defined by you. That is a real opening, that’s real portal, right there.  

Where is God? What is God? The heart and soul the mystical life is an inner experience no matter what mode or methods is used that experience is possible if the basic motive is to discover truth.

What is God? What is God, where is God? Here another two questions, where is God, what is God? We are not able to point at the place. If we say, we go inward, that is an amazing idea, but we do not even know what that is either. If you are aware that you cannot locate yourself, how would you know what going inward is? That is so interesting! Where is God? It is right here, that is right, but where is here, I do not know. I do not need to know; it is right here, and I can experience God through the direct communication that is possible. It is happening here in my consciousness, but where is my consciousness? It is everywhere!! These questions are great, what is God? Let that be revealed to you, I do not want to share a limited idea by defining it, so let that be revealed to you. I ask my holy Spirit: what is God? I do not know what God is. I really would love to receive an answer on that question. Where is God found? That is a great question.  Why not travel off to God? I’m talking about a door, a portal, the only door there is, is the door of consciousness and the only door for which you are responsible is that door. Do you want to get past the door of your consciousness? Are you allowing yourself to get past the door your consciousness and allowing your consciousness to expand? What are you allow in your consciousness? Here is a chance for you to do something, you have a choice being aware in situations, that you have a choice, to choose again. I learned to use that, and it always feels so good. Here is why. The moment I think I don’t have an option, then it’s like the doors are locked, I think I cannot get into anything now, it’s completely tight and it’s like contracted and no, it’s absolutely not working. That is what you feel when you when the door is not open.

When you are open, when the door is open, there’s always space and spaciousness. There are lots of opportunities it shows to you: what you first saw as a problem, suddenly disappeared. Experiment with it. Do not take this as a word from me, do not believe this because I say it. Believe it by applying this and having your own experience with it.

In next situation that shows up, I will look at the idea of having a choice. I am in this crazy situation and I need to get through it, I already know what happens if I try to intrude upon it. I already know when I try to solve it, what happens and so this is my opportunity to have a different outcome this time. A totally different outcome, available just by stepping back and let something new be revealed to. I can tell you this much: this works, it is amazing, it works. There is a lot of things you do not have to do. You thought you had to solve the problem and your new discovery now is the problem has disappeared! It was there only for you to let go of it and see that there is no problem at all. That is exactly what Joel somewhere in the middle of the text, to let yourself come to the place where you see: what Is it doesn’t need to be changed, it doesn’t need to be fixed.

—-This concludes the Review of the selected readings of the twelve chapters, used in the One Consciousness series ——

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