In other words, my consciousness is my household. When you come into my consciousness, whether I am physically present with you or ten thousand miles away in Hawaii, it makes no difference. The moment you think of me, you become a part of my consciousness; you enter my household. And the question is, how are you greeted? When you enter my consciousness, will you find judgment, criticism, condemnation, greed, lust, anger, jealousy, malice? Or will you find forgiveness, recognition of your true identity, sharing, blessing, the word of truth, the consciousness of truth? And all of that depends on me, because I am the one who must be choosing, hour by hour, what can be permitted to enter my consciousness.

And remember, whatever I am entertaining in consciousness is what you will meet when you enter. If you find the negative emotions, you will not come back. If you find in me: hate, envy, jealousy, bias, bigotry, you will never come back the second time, and certainly not the third time, because even though you do not know what you are meeting, you at least will recognize the fact that you’re not meeting love and the recognition of your spiritual identity, or a loving of my neighbor, and therefore, you will want no more of it.

You may wonder sometimes, why there is not more love shown to you or more understanding or more gratitude, but do not wonder. It is because there isn’t a sufficient amount of that in your consciousness, because you are drawing back to you that which is the state of your consciousness. If you are loving your neighbor as yourself, you are drawing back love. Of course I understand that you understand that when I say, love thy neighbor, I am not talking of “mortalin” human pity or sympathy or anything of a human nature; I’m talking about the recognition of the Spirit of God in your neighbor: enemy neighbor or friendly neighbor.

Only today I had to answer a letter from a man who states that he is a Jew, and what can he do to meet anti-Semitism in the thoughts of the Gentiles he meets? And I had to write back that I have no answer for you, because I have been traveling fifty-five years, and I have never met anyone of anti-Semitic nature in all of that time, and I’ve come to believe there aren’t any such people. I know that’s going to seem strange to him, because he undoubtedly believes that he has met them, but really, there aren’t any such, regardless of what they may claim, just as there are no atheists, although there are still some people who claim they are. When you pin them right down to hard facts, they all acknowledge that they did not make this world, and they don’t believe that any other human did it. And in that, their atheism has disappeared.

Now in the same way, there may be people here or there who still believe they are anti-Semitic or anti-Catholic or anti-something else, but as a matter of fact, they aren’t; they are merely entertaining some belief that’s been passed on to them by some other human. And because they don’t know any better, they keep on with that, but in any moment, they are apt to awaken to the fact that we are to call no man on earth father, for there is only one Father, and that’s in heaven, and undoubtedly He could not possibly be a Jew or a Gentile, because there were Oriental races before there were Jews or Gentiles. And he could not be Oriental, because before them, there were still others.

And so it is that I’m sure we can all agree that God has no race, religion, or nationality, that God is Spirit, and therefore God is equally the God, the Father of all. And in that realization in my consciousness, again I draw unto me only those of that same spirit. You have heard the story I’m sure, of a man who was moving from one city to another, and sitting in the train, he found himself seated next to a minister, and he said, “Oh, do you live in this city to which we’re coming?” “Yes.” “Well, as a minister, you know the people pretty well there.” “Yes.” “Tell me. What kind of people do you have in that city, because I’m moving there, and I would like to know what I am to meet.” “Well,” he said, “What kind of people do they have where you came from?” “Oh, he said, “Pretty mean, pretty nasty, unkind.” “Well,” he said, I’m sorry to tell you, that’s what you are going to find in this next city too.”
You carry it in your consciousness, and you carry a cloud by day and a pillar of fire by night in your consciousness, and you carry in your consciousness your supply, the infinity of your supply. It cannot come to you from the outside world. It will appear to come through normal, natural channels, but be assured that if you haven’t a hidden manna, if you haven’t a meat that the world knows not of, if you are not hugging to you a divine love within, there are no channels through which the infinite nature of God’s supply can reach you.

How many times I have repeated to students that throughout the ten years of the horrible depression in the United States, there was just as much supply as there ever had been in its prosperous days, just as much gold and silver, just as much platinum, just as much iron and steel, just as much vegetables and fruits and cattle, just as many fish in the sea and birds in the air, and yet all over the nation people were starving and lacking. There was no lack outside. There was no hidden manna inside.

There were a few groups that proved this. In all of that terrible depression, the Mormons never had to have their people on relief. The followers of Father Divine never had to have their people on relief. The Christian Scientists, within six months after the depression began, disbanded all of their relief agencies; they were no longer needed. Throughout the depression, the Christian Science churches throughout the United States had no relief agencies, because within the first six months the situation had been met. Where had it been met, since they do not have storehouses or barns? In consciousness, only in consciousness.

You carry into the next city the people you are going to meet, and you carry into the next city the life you are going to experience, and the abundance or lack of it. And that is why the Master, on taking his departure from the disciples, said to them “Remain in this city until you are endowed from on high.” Then you can go out without purse or scrip if necessary. Then you can go out without persecution, when you are endowed from on high.

Do not ever believe that the Master had to suffer crucifixion. That was a part of his own consciousness. It was his conviction that his crucifixion would prove to the world the immortality of man. The fact that it didn’t arises from a horrible error. Within three hundred years of his experience they personalized God, and in this they took away from man the entire teaching of Christ Jesus, and it has remained hidden from that day to this. If it is taught that Jesus Christ is the only Son of God, where is your demonstration? If I should say to you that I have received the Spirit of God, the grace of God, and this has made me the Son of God, where does this leave you? As hopeless and helpless as the Christian world has been for seventeen hundred years.

It is only when it is revealed to you that God is Spirit, that God is the Spirit of you, the hidden manna within you, the stone, the living stone within you. Only then are you set free to live as the child of God. A new name is given to you, Christ, the Son of God. As long as God is personalized as a man, the rest of us are lost. Moses put on that veil, and incidentally, you all have this lesson in a very complete form in tape number six of the London Series of 1963, a tape called “The Unveiling”.

Now, the unveiling consists of removing the veil that separates you from your divinity, and reveals to you that God has incarnated Himself in you as the Son of God, the Spirit of God, the Christ of God, and this knowledge is your hidden manna. It is the meat you have that this world knows nothing about. And this hidden manna, this meat that the world knows not of, this Spirit of God, is that against which the gates of hell cannot prevail. No weapon that is formed against you who know the hidden manna, no weapon against you shall prosper. None of the evils of this world can come nigh the dwelling place of the individual who knows I and my Father are one.