Now, starting with January, I know that you’re going to have an arrangement here in Cape Town where you’ll have at least once a month for the study of the monthly letter so as to take these principles that I have been mentioning today and others that will keep coming each month and put them into practice as an activity of your own consciousness. In addition to that, I have several tapes on the Ten Second and the Ten Minute Meditation to show us, teach us how to begin this process so that we develop the listening ear and the ability to receive impartations and then beginning with the January letter, we are including one page of a lesson.

Many of you who may be familiar with Christian Science will see perhaps a similarity to that old Christian Science lesson. Only it will differ in this wise: It will be a Bible passage with its spiritual interpretation as given in the Infinite Way literature so that you’ll have the benefit of the Bible passage and what the Infinite Way teaches.

We are very fortunate that we have a teacher in Los Angeles who is not only a tremendous Bible scholar but she has been studying this subject for so many years, that she knows every spiritual interpretation in the Infinite Way literature and she is a tremendously developed soul; a wonderful practitioner and she is developing this lesson every month. She is using this herself in her work in Los Angeles and it has been so successful that she has given us permission to use one of these lessons every month. You’ll have a few Bible passages and then a few statements from the Infinite Way writings and be able to see how they co-relate; how they interpret each other and then you will have to work with them to learn how again to apply them. Because, you will notice that all I have done today outside of the explanation of the beginning of our work; all I have done today is show you the practical application of a few principles.

Now, just think that when you have the practical application of a dozen principles, how your entire nature will be changed because this up here will always be working. It won’t be still; it won’t be still for a moment. The only time it will be still is when you are in the receptivity. I can tell you right now that all through the night, this thing was going through my mind that was going to happen here today. It wouldn’t stop going through my mind all night; it wouldn’t let me sleep and it happens sometimes that way. Other times, I feel that God has a grudge against me and he doesn’t let me know anything till I get up here on the platform and then it pops out and I get kind of mad at Him because you get anxious, you know, for fear that you get up here and look foolish. Nothing is going to come out. It hasn’t happened yet but you can never tell. It will be a first time. But this time he was kind to me; he kept me awake all night with this program.

Well, I suppose I can say the rest, you’ll have to find out from the writings and the recordings. I’ll be a salesman then and tell you that you will have to buy the writings and the recordings so that you will know about all the rest. But really, it isn’t half as important to know that, as it is to know a dozen good principles and work with it. That’s far more important than all the books and all the tapes; all the teachings that were ever invented because it is the activity of truth in our consciousness that does the work. It’s the Divine Love that flows out from us that comes back to us to meet our needs. It’s the truth we express that does the healing work. And never forget this: that there has no right, really, to be sin, disease, death amongst us to any great extent.

We should be able ourselves with what we know, to keep this so under control that every single one of us is eighty or ninety percent free of the discords of this world. We won’t be a hundred percent free because each one of us has some humanness left in us. I think you find in the Infinite Way wisdom where the question was asked: “why it is that spiritual or metaphysical teachers and practitioners of long-standing sometimes have serious problems? “ And the answer I gave is: “Because every one of us has some human hood left in us. And as long as there is human hood left in us, it’s going to express itself and you can’t stop it.”

So it is, that as long as you find us somewhere or somehow under the spell of the illusion of the senses, please believe we haven’t yet attained full Christhood. Of course, let’s not blame ourselves because Brother Paul had the same trouble, too. He had to finally say, “I do not claim to have finally attained but forgetting the things which are past, at least I am trying to go forward and attain” and so we’ll all have to make that statement, too. We’ve said a lot of absolute truth today but none of us have attained fully all of the truth that we know.

Well, until we meet again.
Thank you.