Then, do you know that if we were to meet in this room a half-dozen times that the very walls of this room would be just as healing as Jesus’ garment? That is why in the Orient, and we follow this custom in Hawaii, no one would ever think of moving into a home or a flat without calling in a man of religion to pray in each room. No one would ever think of doing that. If it is an ordinary home where they do not know metaphysical truth or spiritual truth, they will call in one of the Hawaiian Ministers. If a public building is dedicated, you would never see it dedicated without a Hawaiian Minister there to give his prayer.

Among those of us who are engaged in spiritual activity of our own nature, the same thing is true. That any one of us students who have a new home or a new flat and you hear the call, come on and we will have a little gathering there. A dozen of us would meet and meditate there and if necessary will go into every room of the house and meditate in every garden; in order to fill the place with Divine Love, with that Spirit of God to ‘loose’ it. To loose because it is locked up in you. It’s not in the room; it’s locked up in you. But when you consciously open out a way for the imprisoned splendour to escape, you have the Christ in this room.

Then let somebody try to come into this room and do wrong and watch the Christ take care of it for you. You don’t have to do anything; just be a beholder. Loose the Christ in this room and then let someone try to touch it or you, and you will soon find out that the Christ takes care of its own. But Christ can’t be a word; Christ must be a released presence from within you. Christ is locked up in your breast. The son of God is incarnate in you. That’s God’s gift to you from the beginning. “Before Abraham was, I AM with you.” Therefore, in the beginning, before time was, the Christ was incarnate in you.

Now, keep it locked up there and it will do nothing for you, or try to get a Christ to come to you and it will do nothing for you. But loose this hidden splendor, loose this imprisoned Christ, take Christ out of the tomb in which you have him buried. And let him loose in this room by means of praying; by means of forgiving, by means of not judging, by means of not condemning, by means of blessing.

I have witnessed people take this practice that we use at home and it changed their life. We take a passage of the Master’s, “My peace give I unto you, not as the world giveth, but My Peace, the Christ peace.” And I have witnessed students take that into their consciousness and then start out in the morning whether at their bus stop or their auto trip or to their office or the market shopping or whatever the nature of their work may be throughout their day and wherever they go, carry this message silently, secretly: “My Peace I give unto you, the Christ Peace,” and watch then in a few days or weeks, how the people change toward them. Can’t help it! You can’t help it. You are releasing the Christ and they can’t help feeling it. They can’t help feeling it. They can’t help feeling it any more than you can help feeling whether or not I love you. And you know right well that I can tell in a second whether you are loving me, whether you are receptive, whether you are responsive: I can tell that in two minutes.

So it is, that as we go out into the world, if only we carry that one message with us: “My Peace give I unto thee, the Christ peace, the spiritual peace,” and whisper it. You must remember this about prayer: Jesus was very careful about this. That you must never pray to be seen of men. Don’t pray aloud. Let your praying be done in the inner sanctuary of your being so that men can’t hear it and then the God that “seeth in secret rewardeth openly.” And so it is, if you make a practice, even if you were reading the newspaper and reading some bad news in it, even then declare: “My Peace give I unto thee, God’s grace give I unto thee, the peace that passeth understanding, give I unto thee,” and as you learn to let that flow out from the I of your being, you’ll find that everyone who comes in contact will know that you are blessing them.

They don’t know how. The world doesn’t understand how. They merely think you have a good disposition or they just think that you are a nice person. They don’t know what it is but they feel something. And you’d be surprised at the fact that between eighty and ninety percent of all people that you come into contact with are receptive to it. There are ten or twenty percent so adamant in their humanness that you could love them to death and they wouldn’t even know it. But between eighty percentile…..eighty and ninety percent of all the people in the world are receptive and responsive to spiritual truth, and if you are living in the atmosphere of “My Peace give I unto thee, God’s Grace be with thee” you will soon find that they’re receptive and responsive and then pretty soon they are asking for help and they don’t even know why.

But, just see what you’ve done. You kept truth active in your consciousness; you have spent Divine Love, you have given Divine Love, you have cast your bread upon the waters, and that’s what is coming back to you. But you see, if you are looking for good to come to you, if you are looking to demonstrate good, you’re outside the Infinite Way because you’re outside of the acknowledgement of the already infinite nature of your being. But, once you acknowledge that because of my Oneness with God, I am already infinite; now I can begin to pour out, and it doesn’t make any difference if I start pouring out the two drops of oil that I may have at the moment. Be assured of this, that the act of pouring is the multiplying. The act of giving is the multiplying. The act of giving IS the multiplying. The act of sharing IS the multiplying. That’s the Christ that does the multiplying and it does it within us, and then it begins to appear outwardly as form.

Now, if the Kingdom of God, or let us call this the Hidden Manna, the Christ; if it is hidden within you, do you not see that you cannot begin to pour it merely by making statements of truth? You can only begin to pour it when you have become a listening agent and then let it come up and then you let it flow out. If you try to make up the words out of your head or take them out of your memory, you’re living only in the intellectual plane of your imagination. It is only because you have developed the…….ah….meditative attitude of listening that these words pour into you and then out through you. Silently, of course; secretly, sacredly but because they pour in, they pour out. Then you’ll find that the Kingdom of God is really expressing itself in you, and through you, and out from you, and then back unto you.