I had a letter today from a man high in the English government answering a letter of mine in which I said this: that the United Nations ought to be thrown into the bottom of the ocean for all of its purpose it was serving. That there never will be an organization that will do this world any good until the organization is built on integrity and justice. Well, now; integrity and justice happen to be spiritual qualities, not human ones.

Now, when that day comes that men meet, whether in this room just as we, or in that big United Nations building or some other similar one; when they meet with the idea of Divine Love, not coming to me to meet my human need but flowing out from me to meet your human need. When we begin to meet that way, whether in this room or that room, I can assure you they’re going to be healed. There are going to be healings, national and international. But not, not while each of us is sitting around hoping that the other one is treating us so that we’ll get well.

But when we meet, we can forget our personal problems and say that the Divine Love that flows out from me, the infinite truth that flows out from me, even the little that I know; it might be as little as a couple of drops of oil, it may be as little as one Bible quotation. But let that little flow out of your consciousness in my direction and I will be healed. Let that flow out of me in your direction and you will be healed. And we will all be healed because it will be this kind of a flow……..this kind of a flow.

Divine Love flowing back and forth and consciousness to consciousness and then, they are all healed. You see, healing; whether it’s physical, mental, moral, financial or human relationships, healing of any nature isn’t something that man can do. It’s something that man can be aware of. It’s already established in him. Health is established in everybody but as we’ve seen, we can escape it. We can all get away from it; we can all miss it by a human act of disobedience of spiritual law. But, we can all get back very quickly the moment we remind ourselves that the Kingdom of God is no further from me than my breathing. It is established within me.

Now, instead of trying to get it, I’ve got to start to think out how to give it. And don’t think for a moment that during this present experience of mine, I still didn’t have to take care of the practice all over the world. And I am sure that, that helped as much as anything to put me back on my feet quickly. The fact that I didn’t have time to think of myself but I had to think of the thousands of people who are writing me, and at the moment expecting that I am giving them a treatment, and then doing it.

Now, let’s remember, in this work, you are starting from the standpoint that because of your oneness with God, you are Infinite. Now, not that you are separate and apart from God or anything, because separate and apart from God, you are like an electric bulb that is separate and apart from the electricity. But, in your conscious awareness of your oneness with God, all that God is, you are. “Son, thou art ever with me and all that I have is Thine.” Very clear statement.

And the Master makes one in the fifteenth chapter of John. “If you abide in this Word and let this Word abide in you, then you will bear fruit richly.” Do you see? It’s what takes place in your consciousness, it isn’t a God out here; it isn’t a power out here. It isn’t anything you pray to, it’s an activity of truth in your consciousness and that activity of truth must be an outflow. An outpouring of love, an outpouring of forgiveness, an outpouring of prayer, an outpouring of giving, an outpouring of sharing.

Then you’ll find that the bread that you have cast on the water is the bread that comes back to you. And that’s why other people get their fingers burned; they are trying to take the bread that the other fellow cast upon the water. You don’t get away with it for long because the only bread that’s intended for us is the bread that we cast on the water. That’s the bread that is supposed to come back to us with butter and sugar and honey on it.

Now, until we can accept the truth that I and my Father are one, “Thou seest me, thou seest the Father that sent me, for I and the Father are One.” I am in the Father and the Father is in me, therefore I am infinite; therefore I can heal the multitudes, I can feed the multitudes, I can forgive the multitudes and until you can accept that and act on it as the activity of your consciousness, you’re wasting your time in truth. Just wasting it; imbibing a lot of poetry or pretty words, maybe, but getting nowhere because truth must be kept active in consciousness. We must pray without ceasing. Morning, noon and night we must acknowledge that it is my oneness with God that constitutes the Infinite Nature of my being.

It is my Oneness with God that constitutes my oneness with you. It is my Oneness with God that constitutes my oneness with publishers and book sellers and whatnot. It is my conscious Oneness with God that brings my supply into my experience. But if I am not consciously aware, if I am not knowing the truth of my Oneness with God, nothing’s happening. Nothing. It is like this room. There is neither good nor evil in this room. And if we all sit here thinking nothing, there is still neither good nor evil in this room. It is only when we begin to consciously think, consciously pour out love, consciously pour out forgiveness, consciously, then something is happening in this room. The room becomes vibrant with Divine Love; it becomes filled with the Holy Ghost and Spirit. But who put it there? The activity of truth in your consciousness and mine.