But it’s the goal we have set for ourselves because the revelation of the Infinite Way is this: God constitutes your being, therefore your being is infinite. Now, you have to accept that. First of all, you have to feel a ‘rightness.’ You have to feel that this is the truth when you hear it; when you read it. You have to feel, first of all: Yes! That’s true. God breathes his breath into me, therefore God’s life is my life. Therefore, my life is as infinite as God’s life.

God is the mind of man. God is the soul of man; God is the life, God is the spirit. Even my body is the temple of God. “Know ye not that ye are the temple of God,” and in the Infinite Way, you must by an activity of your own consciousness accept this, not merely read it and say: “How beautiful it is!”

Oh, no! As a matter of fact, I know only too well how easy it is to put some of this in poetic form. You’d be surprised how I break down some of the poetry so that it won’t sound so poetic, because it soothes and puts one to sleep. You’d be surprised how easy it is to talk in terms of quotes so that your patient can just quote you all of the time. I stop that wherever I catch it and put these things in words that the students can’t quote. They’ve got to learn the essence of it. They can’t repeat the statement.

I’ll never forget one of those quotations hit me one time so hard that the……..it changed a good part of my life, too, especially in my relationship to patients. I was sitting in the Christian Science Church one night and if ever there was an uninteresting reader reading, they have picked the mostest. I just couldn’t listen to him, so my eyes went up there to the left wall where that sign always is: “Divine Love always has met and always will meet every human need.”

Well, it just so happened that there are probably 20 percent of the people in that church who were my patients. So, I just had to look at that sign again. Ah! Oh, Mrs. Eddy, there is something wrong about this. Divine Love has not and is not meeting the needs of a lot of people in this church that I know. Now, why did you pick that particular sign up there? Why did you say that should be in every one of the three thousand churches in the world? What’s so nice about this sign? “Divine Love always has met and always will meet every human need.” Now, I look around the church again; something wrong somewhere. Well, fortunately, this man went on being uninteresting. I didn’t have to listen to him, and all of a sudden, I caught what Mrs. Eddy meant.

The Divine Love that we expressed; the Divine Love that flows out from us is the Divine Love that always has met and always will meet our human need. There is no Divine Love out here. I want to tell you that as I began to teach that, all of a sudden, Divine Love did begin to meet some human needs around there that had been in need for a while, and since then I have used this example in nearly all of our classes around the world, and as you hear tapes, you’ll notice it.

In this room before we came into it, there was neither good nor evil. There was just a blank room and nothing else. If, in this moment, there is love in this room, we brought it here with us. If good takes place in this room, it’s because we brought it here with us. If any healing takes place in this room, it’s because we are expressing truth; we are expressing love, we are expressing life. It isn’t hanging around in the air, it isn’t hanging out up in the sky. If there is any good to be released in the room, we are going to have to release it. And if we release it to each other, you can be assured of this; anybody and everybody with a receptive mind can be healed of anything.

If the rest of us are sitting here in truth, in love, in forgiveness without judging each other, without criticizing each other, without judging or criticizing or condemning each other’s appearance; if we are sitting here loving the true nature of the individual out there, then you can bet healing is taking place because the Divine Love that is flowing out from us is meeting the human need in this room.

You know, one time I was a first reader in the Christian Science Church. And one Sunday morning about……oh, just about three minutes before we’d go onto the platform; all of a sudden a cold developed. It came out of the blue. There was no sign of it before and all of a sudden I had one of these horrible colds where you had to have handkerchiefs all around you, and well, the second reader looked at me and said, “Don’t you think you better call a substitute?” I said, “heaven’s no, I am the reader, I am going out there!” So we went out on the platform, me holding two handkerchiefs this way and holding on this way while I turned the pages of the book.

Well, I could see the Board of Directors sitting over there. They were just laying for this service to be over. They were ripe for me. This went on for fifty minutes and about the fifty-first moment, it disappeared just like it had come. No place! It was nowhere around. I just put my handkerchiefs in my pockets; I was just clear as a bell in the last ten minutes and the moment the service was over, everybody gasped. I said, “Well, for heaven’s sake, what are you gasping about? There are two hundred and forty of you out there, weren’t you treating me?” If I can’t get healed with two hundred and forty Christian Scientists sitting out here, of a little cold, what good is this truth? Well, I’ll say it to you, too.

If there is one of us that is one with God, and pouring out love and truth, not looking at a human and trying to see whether good, bad or indifferent, but who cares whether it’s the woman taken in adultery or the thief on the cross. We’re looking out here with Divine Love. Only one of us, then every one of us should get healed. But, oh! If there should be two or more out here, letting Divine Love flow out from them, every single one of us should get healed and if by chance there should be ten people in this city, brave enough to acknowledge their infinity and let it flow from them; while they are forgiving the wrong-doer, can’t you see that it has to save the city; the community, the nation, whether it’s your nation or my nation, who cares which nation it is? In the end, every nation has to be saved. Every nation has to change its government from human to divine. Every government on earth.