That is the point. That when you are living the spiritual life, you don’t have to be so particular whether this man, that man or the other man is elected because you are seeing God working through every man. And eventually, you bring that out by forgiveness, by praying for the enemy, by not judging, by not criticizing, by not condemning, but by seeing through to the spiritual core of the individual.

Well, you see, that this brings about a state of consciousness that you haven’t heretofore consciously thought of, and that is; that the responsibility for your life rests with you. It is you who are making the choice whether you will serve God or mammon. It is you who are making the choice whether you will continue to live the life of taking in or the life of letting out. It is you who are making the choice as to whether you are going to learn how to forgive your enemy and pray for them or whether you are going to continue the human satisfaction of judging, condemning, criticizing and even crusading.

Now, when you have made your choice, and you learn to retire to the center of your being, you will be surprised how different this world begins to appear to you. Ah, this took place during the very early years of our American depression of the 1920’s, 1930’s to 1940’s. When it was brought home to me that people not only were praying, but the churches were being opened for people to go in and pray for supply, and you know one day it dawned on me: there is just as much grass, there are just as many apples on the tree, just as many fish in the sea, just as many birds in the air, just as many crops in the ground. But, for heaven’s sake, there is no lack at all! There is just as much abundance in the 1930’s as there was in the 1920’s and people were praying for more supply.

Now, where do you think God would find room to put that supply? The earth was already full of God’s abundance and the thought came to me: You know, they don’t realize it; they’re not praying for supply because the earth is already full of it, they’re just praying for God to back it up to their back door. And that is what happens when anyone prays for supply. They are ignoring the fact that there is just as much supply this minute as there was at any minute in the history of the world. Just as much oil in the ground or gold or diamonds or silver or platinum or uranium. There are just as many vegetables and fruits; just as many animals, just as many fish, just as many birds. Supply is as infinite this minute as it ever was before. Then, you have to say to yourself: Then why haven’t I got it? And if you are studying the Infinite Way, you’ll come face-to-face with the fact that you’re trying to get it instead of give it.

You are trying to add to the infinity that is already yours. The whole kingdom of God is within you and you are virtually saying: God, add more to it! And if you can’t say ‘God, add more to it’ you are trying to get your parents to do it or your friends or your husband or your wife and all of the time the Kingdom of God is within you and it’s never going to increase or multiply until you start to put it out!

Now, it is with everything, the same thing. No one of us really knows how to forgive. Not one of us. We pay lip service to it sometimes by saying, “I forgive you,” but we remember the offence tomorrow just as much as we did the day before. Very often, we think we forgive. We make up as it were but the hurt is still there. We never are going to know how to forgive until we make a practice of forgiving every day of the week, for two, three or four or five months until the activity of forgiveness flows constantly, constantly, so that every time that anyone offends, the forgiveness is there as quickly as the offence is there.

In the same way, we are accustomed to really having favorites to whom we give, with whom we share instead of learning that everyone is a child of God whether or not they know it and becoming more universal, more impartial in our giving and forgiving. In every way then, as you study the Infinite Way, you’re going to see why it’s difficult and why many fall by the wayside. It isn’t a teaching that says you can sit back and let God do it. It’s a teaching that says you must be reborn. It’s a teaching that says you must die. You must die in order that the Christ in you may be born.

It is a changing of your own life by an act of your own consciousness. Your practitioner can’t do it for you. Your teacher can’t do it for you. All they can do is point out these principles and then you have to go home and work with them, and that’s what makes this difficult, and that’s why………Well, the Master said, “many are called but few are chosen” for that reason. Well, you saw him; he stood up there, “Oh, Jerusalem, Oh, Jerusalem, I would, I would take you under my arm but ye would not.” Sure, sure, because the Hebrews had been taught that all they have to do is go to the synagogue often enough and sacrifice and give tithes and go through ceremonies and rituals and prayers and God would do all the rest.

And Jesus came along and said, “Uh, uh!” God has no pleasure in your sacrifices. God is not in that holy temple. God is not in these ceremonies or rites or rituals. No, “ye shall know the truth and the truth shall make you free.” You shall forgive your enemy. You shall resist not evil. You shall not take up the sword. Oh, he put it to them straight; that all of these ancient Hebraic teachings, ‘an eye for an eye and a tooth for a tooth,’ no more of that. Forgive. No more resenting the man that steals from you but ask him if he wouldn’t like a little more, too. I know it’s difficult; sometimes impossible.