Question: “Should thought be concentrated for our supply, that is, house, sufficient money for our needs, to have holidays, little luxuries, and entertainments?”

Answer: Absolutely not, for that would be a sin. If you really want to commit a sin, take thought for what you shall eat, or what you shall drink, or wherewithal you shall be clothed, after the Master told you not to do it.

You will find that subject covered in the pamphlet on supply in the Chapter in “The Infinite Way” on Supply and somewhere in every one of the writings. Take no thought for what you shall eat, or what you shall drink, or wherewithal you shall be clothed, because you will be back in the, some of the New Thought teachings. And that has nothing whatsoever to do with The Infinite Way or any of the mystical teachings. Under no circumstances are we ever to be tempted to take thought for things. Our meditation is for the contemplation and the realization of God, and when we have attained the realization of God, all things are added unto us.

I covered that in some of the tapes, where I brought back to remembrance the story of 1900, when a magazine article appeared in the states telling us how our industry would soon be very badly off. Why? We weren’t producing enough horses, and without horses we couldn’t move industry, and so we must do something about it. And I suppose if we had been metaphysicians, the thing to do would be to pray for more horses. And the next year automobiles were on the road, and horses weren’t needed anymore, and what would we had done, if God had given us a lot of horses? How foolish it is to pray for horses. How do you know that we need horses? The magazine article said so, but it didn’t consult God, or God would have announced that there would be automobiles.

Some years ago, the magazines were filled with articles about what is going to happen to us, because we are running out of oil. Well, the first thing that happened was a man invented a drill, or pump, whatever they called it, that drew up the oil, that worked in circular manner and quadrupled the amount of oil that could be brought up from a well. And the first thing you know, the companies were destroying the patent of this instrument for fear that they’d be an overproduction. But it didn’t do them any good, because right after that they discovered these tremendous fields in Canada. And there’s supposed to be enough oil in Canada to take care of the world for as long as we’ll need it, until atomic power comes in. And, of course, I don’t have to tell you who read the newspapers that the world is so filled with oil today that they can’t find ways even of giving it away.

So, what would be the use of praying for oil? Why not turn to God for enlightenment? And if more oil is needed, be assured God will quickly reveal where we are to find it, or how we are to produce it, or where we are to get a substitute for it. For God has not created us to leave us hanging in space. God has not created us to leave us black food.

Ah, yes, there was another great idea that our great college professors thought up, without having referred to God. You may remember a year ago, the press was filled with this problem of overpopulation and what to do about it, and the brilliant solution that came up, let’s murder most of the population and most of the unborn population and that will leave just enough of us to divide up the food that is already here.

Well, they were well on the way to making that a very popular program. Even our good friend, Lowell Thomas, was out on the lecture platform lecturing for it, when lo and behold, a praying man in Israel discovered how to bring fresh water from the ocean for just a few cents, and he sent to the states and had a machine made, and this machine is now drawing fresh water out of the ocean for the wilderness in Israel. And meanwhile, three more of these machines are being built, so that eventually the wilderness will be blossoming. The wilderness will be producing more food, and you don’t hear any more now about the explosion of population. You don’t hear anything in the press about let’s murder half the population. No, because when you turn to the Father within, you will learn a great secret about God. God did not create this universe to destroy it. God did not create us, and then leave us without food, or clothing, or housing. God did not create us and leave us without, whatever it is, that is necessary for our experience.

And therefore, never fear shortages. Always go to the Father within, and don’t pray for horses, and don’t pray for murders, and don’t pray for, whatever it is, the world wants to pray for. Pray only for God’s Grace, for the Light, which God can give us. The illumination of His Plan. And you’ll find that as soon as all runs out, and I’m sure it will, that we’ll have atomic energy. And so it will be with everything. There is no provision in the kingdom of God for the destruction of God’s kingdom.

Question: “People are said to be able to communicate with those who have made the transition into the next phase of existence. Certain people are evidently able to clearly remember happenings in this life when they pass on, yet one does not hear of people remembering a life before what the material world calls birth.”

Answer: Well, you may not have heard of it, but there are those who have met one on this earth and recognized their wife of a former life, and mystical literature contains such references. I’m sorry that the subject has never been of sufficient importance for me to memorize where it is to be found, but I do know that, in my reading, I have discovered such instances. And, of course, even if it had never happened, it would not change the fact of there being those experiences, and the possibility of them. Just like very few people in this world ever become aware of their previous lives, but everyone who has ever had occasion to know it has been made aware of it. And there are thousands of people in the world, and of the past, who have had the experience of knowing something about one or more of their previous lifetimes because some occasion arose when it was necessary for them to know.

Question: “If God created all, and everything was perfect, how did there arise even a suggestion of the illusion of evil and a universal belief in two powers?”

Answer: There is but one Power, and as far as I know, there may not be anyone else in all-of-the world who believes in two powers. At one time, I completely believed in it. By degrees, I have lost that belief, until, at the present time, that particular belief in two powers has far less operation in my consciousness than before I came into this awareness. And so I must bring to your light this. There is a transcendental Consciousness. There is a Consciousness beyond that which is your human mind or mine.

Now, there is no spiritual Power in your human mind. There is no spiritual Power in what you know or what you learn. Spiritual Power is embraced in a something that was called, that “mind which was also in Christ Jesus.” It was called, transcendental Consciousness. In India, it is called Buddhi or the Buddha mind. In Japan, it is called Satori. And once the state of Satori is attained, or once the state of Buddhi or Buddha mind is attained, or once the Christ mind is attained, you will find there are not two powers operating. And therefore, all that we can know is that we entertain that which is called a human sense of mind, and that it is composed of two powers, and that the only origin for it is revealed in the second Chapter of Genesis, where we are taught that the acceptance of the belief in two powers brought about this human mind with its woes.