40 Things To Consider- mistaken Identity

Today there will be another online healing class. The title of healing class 2 is Mistaken Identity, a section of the book “The Government of Eden”, by Joel S. Goldsmith. As a preparation two parts: 40 things to consider in relation to misidentification. This is a great help. To join the authentic class where these considerations are derived from, you see at the bottom of the page a 1.5 hr class from the ‘God’s Country Place Chapel’ by Master Teacher (see description below)

  • Are you convinced that staying in time is beneficial for you?
  • Are you on the way from survival to revival?
  • What are you trying to prove?
  • Is there anyone to fool?
  • Where is the little small voice coming from?
  • Are you happy with your eternal life?
  • Is there another mind but yours?
  • What is your mind doing? Thinking that there are other associations separate from you?
  • There are no opposing powers – where are you protecting yourself against?
  • Why do you plan your own temporal existence?
  • The idea of death is happening all the time.
  • Must I lose what I love?
  • Life is eternal, how is that for you?
  • How little have you become. There is no way you are able to go to the trillion stars, you appear to be locked on this planet
  • Is there a way that you can rid of yourself?
  • How are you verifying your own existence in your own experience of yourself?
  • You are addicted to the remedy of your own sickness
  • Go to your bottom
  • Is miracle-mindedness what the will of God is?
  • You can only proof reality wrong by getting old and get sick?
  • What is getting old?
  • What can get sick?
  • You think you can exchange, with what?
  • The problem is not solvable
  • Is there another world of love to enter into?
  • Has it anything to do with the body?
  • What happens when I don’t mis-identify you?
  • Is being concerned with the content of the dream a help to waking up?
  • What are you constructing a future for?
  • Is there such thing as a future gain?
  • Conservation of the mind is what death is
  • Is there value in your own mind-construct?
  • How you constructed your brother is not real
  • You think there is an alternative to being Whole in God
  • You think it is possible that someone else is suffering?
  • You think that someone can remedy your situation?
  • How many minds are there?
  • Why are you afraid?
  • Has your body anything to do with reality?

Derived from “From Survival To Revival”- The Miracle of Reversing Temporal Order, by Master Teacher of A Course In Miracles, God’s Country Place Chapel. Listen to it if you want. You are invited to join this spontaneous gathering, with intens expressions of emotional release. There is nothing to fear.


    1. He is known as the Master teacher of A Course On Miracles, his name was Chuck Anderson. Thank you


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