How it could have happened when there is a transcendental Mind, which really is Infinite and all, can only be explained on this basis, that in and within the scope of the transcendental Mind, there is but one Power. And that whatever exists outside of that scope exists only as maya, or an illusory sense, and actually has no existence, and having no existence cannot be explained.

I would cite this illustration. The city, the nonexistent city that you sometimes see out in the desert cannot be explained, for it has no existence. Or the body of water that is sometimes seen out in the desert, the nonexistent body of water, cannot be explained, for it has no existence.

And so it is, that this, which we call all that constitutes this veil of tears, this earthly existence, that has birth and death, this is the product of an illusory sense that has no existence and only for that reason cannot be explained.

Now, this idea that because the spiritual Consciousness is Infinite and all, that because of this there cannot be an illusory sense, is based primarily on the superstitious concept of God as being some kind of a super papa with a big club that won’t allow anything else to have existence. If you will think of God as Consciousness, you will then understand why it is possible for an individual to believe that two times two are five, even though there is no such thing in existence, never has been, never could be, as two times two is five.

As a matter of fact, there never was a flat world. There never was a square world. And yet you can see how in our ignorance, we could accept appearances through illusory sense and behold that which never existed. And now try to explain what happened to that square world, what happened to that flat world, what happened to all those Biblical passages that the church fought so hard to retain. That caused them even to imprison and murder all those men who claimed that the world was round.

So it is, I can’t personally see how to explain the nonexistent. I do not know how to explain that which of I have already seen has no existence. If something more satisfying to the human mind comes along, I’m sure we’ll all be happy to know about it. At this moment, let me say this.

There is a transcendental state of Consciousness, which is something beyond your thinking, reasoning mind. And it is this, that not only is our salvation on the mystical path, but it is the reason for our persecution in our present state of existence. A short time ago, the attorney general of the United States, one of the president’s cabinet, set out on a tour of prosecution. What he actually wanted to achieve was the closing up of these diploma mills, these organizations that sell you a title of doctor or a reverend for seventy-five dollars, or a hundred and fifty dollars, or for three months of study, or something of that nature. And the people who worked hard for their titles of reverend or doctor didn’t enjoy this idea of thousands of people walking around calling themselves reverend and doctor, because they happened to have seventy-five dollars or three month’s time to spare. And so finally, the attorney general started on a campaign to close up those, what he named diploma mills.

Now, as far as that goes, he was all right, and he was on very solid ground. But in doing this, he started to attack the basic premise of metaphysics. And he wanted us all thrown into jail. And he cited this as his reason that metaphysicians claim that disease isn’t real, and so we’re endangering the whole world, and we really ought to be punished.

But now you see, from the standpoint of the human mind, isn’t he correct? Isn’t it right that disease is power? Doesn’t the cemeteries all over the world testify to the power of disease in the human mind? Certainly. How can you deny the power of disease in the human mind, where there is a belief in two powers, but look at the miracle. The very moment you bring that disease into the realm of one with transcendental Consciousness, let us take Jesus Christ who said, “What did hinder you? Pick up your bed and walk,” to a crippled man. To a blind man: “open your eyes.”

Now remember this. To the attorney general, you know that that must be foolishness. For the things of God are foolishness with man. But to transcendental Consciousness, aren’t we healing these diseases? Aren’t we lifting people out of lack and limitation? Aren’t we doing more to heal sin than any other known form of religious practice? Well, certainly. The whole world in this generation is opening itself. All of the churches are investigating spiritual healing. Why? Because we have demonstrated for 90 years that those with transcendental Consciousness can make unreal that which the human mind considers real.