Essential Points In Infinite Way Practice (5/7)

If we judge life from the standpoint of what we behold with the five physical senses, we are hypnotized to the world of appearances, and are thereby in bondage to person, place and thing.

Infinite Way Letter

August 1955

By Joel Goldsmith

Essential Points In Infinite Way Practice

Part 5 of 7

The Divine Author

        The discords and inharmonies of human experience are caused by the state of mesmerism that binds us to the world of appearances. If we judge life from the standpoint of what we behold with the five physical senses, we are hypnotized to the world of appearances, and are thereby in bondage to person, place and thing. As we become de-hypnotized so that we do not judge by appearances, we find an entirely different situation.

        Looking at life and the world as it appears to be, when an individual’s particular avenue or channel of income or supply is suddenly cut off, we may feel apprehensive, and wonder where his next income or supply will come from. Again we look to our illustration of the tree: regardless of how bare of leaves and flowers and fruit the branches may seem, our higher intelligence beholds that in the ground, in the roots, in the tree, a law is at work; and in due time the leaves, the flowers and the fruit will appear. This is not by any virtue of the tree, nor of the ground or the roots, but by virtue of the infinite invisible law of life which functions inside and outside the tree. This invisible law operates to bring moisture and minerals and the substances of the earth to the tree, and to attract to it everything necessary for its development.

        Let us pretend that we are at the theater, and as we follow the performance we become fearful that the villain in the piece will harm the hero and the heroine in the next act. However, if we are theater-wise we will not be concerned about the villain, since we know that there is a greater authority—that is, the author of the play—and that the author, and the idea of the play in the consciousness of the author, determines how the villain will act and what will happen to the rest of the cast. The villain, in and of himself, can do nothing to the hero or the heroine, nor to the action of the play; and even the good characters cannot be good, any more than the evil characters can be evil. Throughout the play, the determining influence is the mind of the author. Once this is established in thought, we do not look to the players for anything except the excellence of their performance, since the idea and plot of the play is the activity of the mind of the author, expressed through the characters on stage.

        We must learn to adopt this method of looking at life. Instead of fearing what this person or that circumstance or situation can do to us, and instead of becoming overly excited about the good which this or that one may bring about in our experience, we must learn to look behind the scenes to the Infinite Invisible, which is the Mind of the Author, God. God is the author and the finisher of our world, of our work, and of our lives, and if we look to God, the one Mind, the infinite Intelligence and the divine Love of the universe, we will find that regardless of what any individual or group of individuals may appear to be doing at any given moment, in the final analysis, the decision rests with God.

        Since God is the mind of individual man, it follows that man can carry out only the lines given him by the great Author of the universe. Since the nature of that Mind is love, truth, principle, it necessarily follows that only such qualities and such activities can become a part of our universe. It is true, however, that many people do not know that they receive their lines direct from the Author, and they are unaware that they are but vehicles for carrying out the divine plot. These people have set up the words “I”, “me”, “mine”, and thereby ultimately being themselves to disaster. The only reason for error in any form is due to the belief of an “I” or a selfhood apart from God. This false sense of “I”, with its need to supply, support and maintain itself, plan and do for itself (and not having the wisdom or the power to do so) has produced every discord and inharmony. The restoration of harmony comes with the giving up of this false sense of “I” through the realization that God is the only Selfhood, the only Life, Principle, Power, Substance and Being of all that is. No one can write his own part: it takes the Mind of the great Author to plan and to direct, and as we become obedient to that direction we find our lives God-governed, harmoniously maintained and sustained.

  End Part 5





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