Essential Points In Infinite Way Practice (6/7)

Infinite Way Letter

August 1955

By Joel Goldsmith

Part 6 of 7

The Divine Author – continued


        Here the question arises: Cannot those who do not recognize God-government, and who do not bring themselves under the divine law, influence our experience and hinder our demonstration? The answer is: No, they cannot! As we, individually, look to God as the author and finisher of our world, and as we steadfastly hold to the truth that “the government shall be upon his shoulder,” we come to understand that the visible scene is but the idea of God made manifest, the plan and work of the great Author made visible as our individual experience. Through this resolute holding to the truth, those who become a part of our experience as family, friends or fellow-citizens, either become healed and take their normal and natural places in our lives, or they are removed from the range of our experience where they can have no further influence upon the harmony of our existence.

        It is not possible to heal all who come within range of our thought, since there must be a preparedness and a willingness for healing. The Master did not heal Judas, and eventually he destroyed himself. But Judas did not bring about the death of the Master, because He survived the experience. Even the Master could not prevent Peter’s denials, but in that case there was a healing. It becomes necessary for us to break the sense of mesmerism that holds us in the belief that persons or circumstances, in and of themselves, have power or jurisdiction over our affairs; rather, in the face of every appearance, we must hold to the truth that only the Infinite Invisible governs, controls, supports, maintains and sustains. The Infinite Invisible, acting as man and circumstances, helps us to play our part in the drama of life.

        God, the Infinite Invisible, is the creative principle of this universe, and this universe “sheweth his handywork.” God’s handywork shows forth divine law and order; it shows forth the loving qualities and the spiritual activities; but this is shown forth in our experience only in proportion as we understand that the people and things and situations of this world are but vehicles for the operation of the Infinite Invisible, and that, in and of themselves, they do not have power. Every character in the drama of life is showing forth the activity of the Author, and no character and no situation contains any element not given it by the Author, and therefore the play must end as the Author has planned it.

        Your attention has previously been brought to the fact that mesmerism, or hypnotic suggestion, is really the one evil, and it is that which would make you look at person, place, thing, circumstance and condition, and have you believe that the issues of life abide in these. Whereas, spiritual wisdom, spiritual intelligence and spiritual intuition would have your realize and know that person, place, thing, circumstance or condition are but the vehicles for the unfoldment and carrying out of the divine plan as it has been understood in the Mind which is God. In this understanding, we will not look to any person for our satisfaction, companionship or supply, but rather, we will understand that whoever is playing that part in our experience at this moment is really carrying out the divine activity of love and life, and if, for any reason, these should be removed, the Author has already provided another player for that part. Should we find any door of supply or opportunity closed to us, we will understand that it is the activity of the Mind of the Author operating for the good of the entire play, therefore that same Mind has provided another source, another avenue or channel for us.

        As we emerge from the mesmerism of the world, we come into greater enjoyment of the visible scene, knowing that, unknown to the senses and hidden from the eye, is the Infinite Invisible, the divine Source, the great Architect and Author of the universe. As strange as it may seem, every unpleasant person or experience plays a part in our lives, but this we will not understand until we have learned not to judge by appearances, and not to become unduly elated or depressed by the outer picture. Enjoy every experience, enjoy the love of family and friends, enjoy the beauties of nature—always being conscious of the Infinite Invisible as the Source of this good, always remembering that it is the activity of the Infinite Invisible that is appearing to you as this good. When you meet with experiences of love and kindness, justice and benevolence, always remember that it is the activity of the divine Mind that is appearing to you as these experiences. Whenever you meet with negative experiences, always remember that these can exist only in the belief that the power lies within the person or circumstance. As you correct this belief within you, and understand that no individual and no circumstance and no condition has such power over you, in that proportion do you become free of the discord and in harmony.

        When the Master stood before Pilate and was asked, “Knowest thou not that I have power to crucify thee, and have power to release thee?” the answer was, “Thou couldest have no power at all against me, except it were given thee from above….” This was the Master’s recognition that power does not lie with man, but with God. Whenever these experiences of inharmony and discord appear, it becomes necessary to know that only the lines written in by the great Author have power, and that any lines or parts or actions not placed there by the great Author are not power, have no means of maintaining or sustaining themselves, and can have no effect upon your experience.

        Whenever you stand before Pilate, always remember that there is only one “I”—God—and only the activity of God can be brought into your experience and into fruition. No claim of an “I” apart from God can maintain itself, do anything, be anything, or cause anything; nor can there be any effect from any “I” other than that “I” which is God. Your reliance on spiritual government is the realization that the Infinite Invisible is the Source of all harmony, all good—omnipresent, omnipotent, omniscient. Any thing or any person claiming to exist by virtue of an “I” or a selfhood apart from God is not power, is not presence, is not reality, is not cause, and, therefore, can produce no effect.

        All that takes place in your experience is for the showing forth of God, and it is God revealing Its harmonies, Its powers, Its beauties and Its completeness, so there need be no concern for any one or any thing or any result. It is not your understanding, your power, or your wisdom that is necessary, but the knowledge that all effect is God’s ability, God’s responsibility, God’s government and God’s Grace. Can you doubt that?

End Part 6




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