Essential Points In Infinite Way Practice (7/7)

Freedom is a quality of thought and condition, experienced only when attachment to the manifest realm is broken.

Infinite Way Letter

August 1955

By Joel Goldsmith

Essential Points In Infinite Way Practice

Part 7 of 7

Freedom—by Grace

        Heretofore we have been concerned with human freedom—that is, freedom of speech, freedom of the press, freedom of religion, economic freedom, bodily freedom. I speak to you of spiritual freedom.

        What is freedom? Freedom is Life living Itself. Freedom is joy and peace. Freedom is the song of the Soul, the dream of the dreamer. Freedom is being. The man whose being is in Christ is free. I am free and you are free, but not while we are attached to the wheel of human thought; not while we are in obedience to man-made government of the Soul.

        Freedom is not a condition of government—freedom is a condition of the Soul. Men in chains have been free; men have been free under slavery and oppression. Men have prospered in periods of depression and panic; men have survived war and flood and famine. When the Soul of man is free It carries him through Red Seas and desert experiences to the Promised Land of spiritual peace. As we turn to the kingdom of our inner Self, we find the reign of divine power in the outer world. As we seek peace within, we find harmony without. As we find freedom of the Soul, we experience the freedom of Grace.

        What prevents us from living in the highest realm of harmony, health and abundance? What prevents us from enjoying all the good that may be found on earth? Is there any power decreeing and enforcing poverty, disease and death? Is there any law of lack and limitation binding us to the wheel of slavery, hard labor and trial? If so, from whence do they emanate?

        The world has ever sought freedom, peace and plenty, but this search has been chiefly in the feverish activity of the human mind, in the tiring energy of brain-racked thought. The human mind, falsely educated through the centuries contains within itself all the fears and failures of the human race. All the anguish of passion, greed, lust, ambition, fear and domination is found in human thought, and there is run the race for lawless possession and voracious acquisition. The result is not freedom, but enslavement to the senses.

        If one suddenly decided to withdraw from this struggle for freedom through mortal thinking, would not some unseen, unknown Power reveal Itself to human thought, and unfold without strife the infinite abundance and presence of that Bread which cometh down from heaven, satisfying all mental, physical and financial needs? With the limitation of mortal thought removed, may man not find in the enlarged vision of fearless, unfettered being, the freedom of the race? Where but in the realm of this greater understanding may man find the infinity of his good? Where but in the broad consciousness of his immortal being can the individual find his thirst slaked by the Water that will forever end the thirst for water that does not satisfy? Where but in the realm of his new consciousness can be found the Meat that ends the hard hunger of unsatisfied desires, and frees the mind from the dizzying influence of the senses?

        Freedom is a quality of thought and condition, experienced only when attachment to the manifest realm is broken. Above and beyond the lure of mortal sense is the life divine, where one enters into one’s heritage of freedom. This is freedom to live in the world, and yet to be free from bondage to its attractions; to enjoy friendships, but not to be dependent upon them; to welcome money for the things it will buy, but not to be avaricious; to work, not merely to earn a living, but for the joy of it. To seek to raise the standard of our work, or to find a better way of doing the work at hand, brings freedom from drudgery, and eventually freedom from lack and limitation. To love our families and not be dismayed by their failings or too proud of their achievements; to stand back of the world and watch its comings and goings, its successes and failures, its loves and hates, and not be overcome or involved—this is freedom.

End Part 7of 7



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