Infinite Way Letter

August 1955

By Joel Goldsmith

Part 4 of 7

Self-Completeness in God

Finding the Answers to “Problems”


        The practice of spiritual wisdom must be applied to all the experiences of daily living—the minor as well as the major ones. Each day we are faced with so-called problems which are but temptations to believe in a selfhood apart from God, and as these temptations come to take thought for some outer condition we find ourselves in a quandary: What shall I do about this, and how shall I go about that? When called upon to do something exceeding our present financial, mental or physical capacity, we are immediately inclined to start thinking, planning, hoping and despairing, and to say, “It cannot be done; it is an impossibility.”

        YouThe simple application of spiritual wisdom is to realize that the answer lies within you—not in your mental or physical capacity, but in the Christ of your being.You are Self-complete in God. The kingdom of God, the all-ness of God is within you, and you can turn there for the answer to every problem. Every detail of your life is already complete and established, way down deep in consciousness, and there is no problem so involved or so enormous that the answer does not lie within you.

        Instead of striving externally for the answer, on the basis of your Self-completeness in God, go within, and the answer will appear: you will be led, guided and directed. Even if you were lost in the wilderness, you would be led to safety through your realization that the kingdom of God within you is infinite, full and complete; forever flowing forth, revealing and disclosing Itself to your humanhood.

        As you continue the practice of spiritual wisdom, you learn to withdraw your dependence on outside avenues, and soon you will find that it is literally true you are self-complete. Although the answer sometimes comes through some person, circumstance or condition in the external realm, it does not come from them—it comes from the depths of your own being.

        Believe in your Self-completeness in God. Believe that you can turn to the kingdom of God within you for any answer, any supply, any love, any wisdom—for anything necessary in your experience. Believe that you can turn within and receive the assurance of God’s Presence, and then watch your good appear in the without. “In returning and rest shall ye be saved; in quietness and in confidence shall be your strength.”

End Part 4