Upholding Your Loved Ones Spiritually

From – Gift of Love

By Joel Goldsmith

Ch.9  Page 71


Upholding Your Loved Ones Spiritually


        It is natural for you to want to place those you love in God’s care and, as a matter of fact, unless this is consciously done by someone, your loved ones will not be in God’s care. So each day realize the activity of the presence of God and then wait for God to place the seal on your meditation.

        “Whither shall I flee from thy presence?” Whither shall those of my household flee from Thy presence?” Thy presence fills all space. Thy kingdom is within the very consciousness of those of my household, and God is dwelling in His kingdom.

        Every person in this household is the abiding place of God; his mind is thetemple of God; his body is the temple ofGod; and God is in His dwelling place now. The Spirit of God is the very breath of his being, the very life of his body, and the very intelligence of his mind. God envelops him for God is in him and he is in God.

        In God’s presence is fullness of life, and every individual in this household, being always in the presence of God is always in the presence of the fullness of life. The place whereon he stands is holy ground. He and his heavenly Father are one and inseparable, indivisible, and he cannot stray from God’s presence whether at work or at home. God walks with him and as him; God talks with him and as him.

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