The Mystical Realm Translated

From – The Infinite Way Letter

                        May 2002

Taken from Tape 209

The Mystical Realm Translated

        Now watch this. If you think that God is going to do something to carnal mind, you lose your metaphysical demonstration. You may get well but you’ll have to go back to materia medica to do it. You will not work out your salvation through Truth if you expect God to do something to evil, if you expect immortal Mind to do something to mortal mind, if you expect Spirit to do something to matter, if you expect spirituality to do something to materiality. You have got to see, and you’ve got to see it in this minute, that there are not opposites.

        There is not God and evil. There is not immortal Mind and mortal mind. There is only One, and that One is God. And everything that you’ve been thinking of as evil is illusion. Everything that you’ve been thinking of as evil is an appearance, a mental image in thought, without any substance, any cause, any reality, or any law to sustain it.

        And do you not see why our healing work suffers, because we’re trying to get rid of a sinful person, or get rid of a sinful habit, or we’re trying to get rid of a disease? We’re even trying to get rid of a fear. Nonsense. Fear all you like, there’s nothing in it. It has no power whatsoever, except the power that you are willing to give it by fearing it. In and of itself it can’t have power if God is infinite Power. And that’s certainly a simple thing to understand.

        There cannot be opposites. God is infinite. Now take all your sins and all your diseases, and all your lacks and all your limitations, and all your bad appetites, and throw them in the waste basket. Stop fearing them and let them disappear of their own accord. And they will. They’ll fade out of your consciousness because they have no sustaining powers of their own. It’s your own mind that’s sustaining them.

        Your own mind is sustaining your own disease. Of themselves the diseases cannot stand. And that is why when you reach a practitioner who will not battle error, who will not rise above it, who will not fear it, you have reached a practitioner who will do healing work for you. But as long as you have a practitioner who is going to go work on mortal mind, or going to sit up first to remove your fear, just make up your mind you’re in for a long siege – unless nature takes over and heals you in spite of the practitioner. And that happens, too. Nature is a good operator in the human scene.

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