Meditation: God Alone Is Being

Study & Meditation #96

1962 Los Angeles Closed Class (2:2)

Tape 461

By Joel Goldsmith


        Your first preparation for prayer that will result in healing is to purge yourself by removing the malpractice from your world. This malpractice is your belief in two powers.

        Much of what is called human consciousness is a state of criticism and in the degree that you drop that state of criticism you have dropped that much of human consciousness.

        Therefore, rise above the human sense of two powers and relax in the realization that God is the only power, the only Presence. Because God alone is Being, we do not need any other powers.

        God is Self-maintaining, Self-sustaining. God is the maintaining and sustaining Presence of thy self. You don’t have to go anywhere to find God. God is OMNIPRESENCE and OMNIPOTENCE.





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