The Infinite Way Letters

September 1954

By Joel Goldsmith

Part 5 of 5

God Seeks Us

Daily Inspiration

          In order to conduct the affairs of our daily living intelligently and harmoniously, we make use of every human wisdom and power. We use our education, our experience, and our good will, but very often we forget that there is a cement which would bind us more closely together so that whatever was the good of one would become the good of all, and whatever would motivate one for good would be a blessing to all with whom we come in contact. This cement is not human nor is it material—it is spiritual.

          Of recent years we have read and heard much of bringing spiritual qualities and spiritual values into everyday living, but have we ourselves thought or asked what is meant by spiritual values? What are spiritual qualities and how are these spiritual powers brought into experience?

          There is no way to bring a spiritual good or a spiritual power into our experience from outside our own being, because these are not something that comes to us but, rather, that which flows out from us when we entertain the Word of God within us. The Word of God is the great Spirit, the divine Truth that becomes flesh and becomes tangible in our world. It is only as the Word of God is entertained within us, dwelt upon and remembered that the spiritual activities and spiritual qualities are brought into expression in our lives.

          The Master, Christ Jesus, gave us the secret in the fifteenth chapter of John, in which He reveals our relationship to God—“I am the vine, ye are the branches, and my Father is the husbandman.” He goes on to say that great joy and peace will be ours; no evil and no harm can come near us; there will be nothing to fear “If ye abide in me, and my words abide in you…”

          The practical working of this means that we are to take the Word of God into our consciousness, into our minds and into our thoughts, and many times throughout the day, quietly and silently and within our inner being, remind ourselves of this Word of God.

          There are many times when we believe that we have need of money or companionship or help from others, and humanly we do. Perhaps we feel that we need a greater sense of love in our homes and businesses, or a greater sense of forgiveness and understanding of those with who we are associated. There is a simple way in which all these needs can be met, yet one which will enable us to do everything we are called upon to do without fear, without doubt and without anxiety.

          For today, let us take this Word of God into our consciousness: “My grace is sufficient for thee…our sufficiency is of God,: and whenever a need becomes apparent or there seems to be a lack or limitation, remember that this is our assurance that Thy Grace is my sufficiency—in all things, and watch how our every need in the world of practical every-day affairs will be met through the realization of the great truth of this Word of God.

          “My grace is sufficient for thee,” and as we take this spiritual truth into our thought and ponder it and meditate upon it several times a day, we are taking the Word of God into our Soul as if it were a seed and we let this Word of God take root, and eventually flower forth and bear fruit.

          For too many years we have been expecting our good to come to us from outside sources, from persons, from conditions or circumstances, and thereby we have lost the opportunity to understand and to prove that our good comes to us only from the depths of our own inner being. Do we not know that each of us is one with the Father; that each of us has the kingdom of God within his own being; that all that the Father hath is thine? Then why not let this Grace of God meet all our needs, and let it flow out from us to all those in the world who do not yet know this divine Truth?

          Since “…man shall not live by bread alone, but by every word that proceedeth out of the mouth of God,” remember to keep a spiritual passage active in your thoughts constantly. Even in performing the routine work of the day we can realize a scriptural Word of Truth, deep down within our being. It is this Word of God, constantly realized in consciousness, that is the Bread of Life, the Meat, the Wine, the Water—and this appears outwardly as the health, wealth and harmony of our experience.

End Part 5