God Seeks Us (4/5)

The Infinite Way Letters

September 1954
By Joel Goldsmith

Part 4 of 5

God Seeks Us

The Armor of Oneness


          We come now to one of the greatest points in all spiritual teaching, and one that is only touched upon in the very highest teaching. This is a revelation of God as One. In other words, when we speak of One-ness we are speaking of God’s power as the only power—not as a power that is used to overcome or destroy other powers. We put on the armour of oneness and we become as David going forth to meet Goliath—we go forth without armor or defense, because there is no power against which we need defend ourselves. To put on the Armor of One-ness means to go out into the world without the sword of offense or the armor of defense: we go out without affirmations or denials.

          In the metaphysical and mental realm we used the armor and sword of thoughts and affirmations and denials to destroy or overcome sin, disease, death, lack and limitation, but now we have found that there is no reality to these things—they are just the appearances that tempt us into battle.

          The belief that there are two lives—God’s life and our life—subjects us to all the temptations and beliefs in the world of duality. But the moment we give up all sense of a life apart from God we have entered immortality and eternality, right here on earth. God is Love and so there can be no degrees of love because God is infinite, and if we see hate, envy, jealousy or malice we are being tempted to believe that love is not infinite, or that there is more than one kind of love.

          Until we have put on the Armor of One-ness we have not agreed that God is the only Presence and the only power. God is One—one Life, one Soul, one Substance, and that one does not have to be saved or healed or purified. God is the only activity: there is no evil activity, so what is there to fear? We need neither sword nor armor, nor words nor thoughts of offense or defense against the activity of God!

          At every hand there are many temptations to use either physical might or mental power, but spiritual truth is standing still…”for the battle is not yours, but God’s.” No longer do we build physical or mental shelters and walls and defense, but we face every situation with the word “One.” The one Power, one Presence, one Life, one Soul, one Mind, one Being, one body, one activity and one substance is God, Spirit, and this is our Armor of One-ness.


End Part 4


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