God Seeks Us (3/5)

The Infinite Way Letters

September 1954
By Joel Goldsmith
Part 3 of 5

God Seeks Us

What Is God?

          I wonder how many of us are acquainted with God? Because we think in terms of our concepts of God it is often quiet difficult to become acquainted with Him.

          God is not like anything we think He is. In cleansing the temple, the first things we must discard are our old concepts of God. Let us accept God as God, without any preconceived idea or outline of what we shall find when we do become acquainted with Him. It will be an entirely different experience than any we have ever thought or visualized or believed. Even those who have experienced God cannot tell us what the experience is like, except that God is nothing we think He is. So the first thing we must know is this: we do not know God; we are merely entertaining an idea or a concept of God.

          Jesus’ concept of God was as the Father within: Paul’s concept of God was as the Christ—but it was still a concept. If we think of God as Life, or Mind, or Love we are thinking only of certain facets of God. God is infinite, and in speaking of God as Love we are speaking of one of these facets because Love is only one of the many ways in which God presents Itself. We can speak of God as Mind, or as Law, but these are only two of the many ways in which God presents Itself.

          Instead of thinking of God in some limited, finite way, let us realize that Life, Truth, Love, Substance, Principle, Law, Soul, Spirit are all ways in which God presents Itself, but God is even greater than the sum total of all of them. Let us not be concerned with what we think God is, or what we have been taught God is, or what our books say God is, but with an open and receptive mind let us turn to the revelation and unfoldment of God in our individual consciousness, and be prepared and accept It in whatever form it may appear. Be assured of this, however: to each one It will appear in a different way.

          I could tell you of some of the ways in which I have caught glimpses of God, but it would be very incomplete, because I have no way of explaining All-ness and you have no way of understanding All-ness, so we must each turn to the revelation of God Itself. Turn away from all forms of God such as health, abundance and good, and “Acquaint now thyself with Him and be at peace; thereby good shall come unto thee,” and in His Peace all these things are included.


End Part 3




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