From – God Formed Us For His Glory –

Chapter 11
By Joel Goldsmith
The Omnipresence of Supply

Those who understand this principle of giving never know lack or limitation. In a circumstance such as Moses encountered with the Hebrew people, where there could not conceivably be a sufficient supply of food or drink, he brought it forth in what seemed to be miraculous ways. Even when the Master was in the wilderness, where apparently there was not an abundance, it was brought forth, in what appeared as a miracle. It would be impossible to be any place where supply is not, because it would be impossible to be any place where God is not.
The demonstration of supply is based on one truth: God, or spirit, is supply. God is the bread, the meat, the wine, and the water, so how much bread, meat, wine, and water do we have? God is the fortress and the high tower, so how much protection and safety and security do we have?
In our materialistic sense of life, we believe that a bombproof shelter is security and that money is supply, thereby cutting ourselves off from the infinity of supply that is already at hand and which will manifest itself in the necessary forms. When we believe that supply consists in some of its manifested forms, such as coal, oil, gold, silver, diamonds, bread, or meat, we cut ourselves off from supply, but that does not mean that there is any lack of supply. It is still infinite, and it is still omnipresent.
What does omnipresence mean? Does it not imply the omnipresence of God, the omnipresence of spirit, the omnipresence of allness, the omnipresence of life, truth, love, and substance, and therefore, the omnipresence of supply? But we acknowledge omnipresence in one breath and deny it in the next.
The secret of supply is to acknowledge omnipresence, since in our oneness with the Father there is the omnipresence of spirit, and spirit is the substance of all form. Having the substance of all form, the form must appear. To prove this is not to look about to receive it; that is what cuts us off from it. It is in seeking out ways to express it.